The Value of Hosting Your Meeting in Salt Lake

When you host your meeting in Salt Lake, you and your attendees stretch their dollar. The Free Fare Zone brings public transit throughout the downtown convention district, and a one-way ticket to the airport is just $2.50, while a taxi is about $25. You’ll find meals, drinks, and entertainment at a low cost that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Meanwhile contracting hotel blocks of affordable rooms is fast, simple, and reasonably priced as are the meeting rooms.

Salt Lake helps you and your attendees stretch their dollar. Vicki Hawarden, MPI's Vice President of Knowledge and Special Events said, "We look for a city to host this convention that has passion and creativity. We look for a city that is affordable, with natural beauty. We chose Salt Lake because they are hospitable and creative."

The Corporate Business Travel Index consistently ranks Salt Lake as one of the nation's most affordable destinations. Compare Salt Lake's affordability to other cities on the Business Travel News 2021 Corporate Traveler Index.

Salt Lake's cost effectiveness is due, in part, because Utah is a business-friendly state. In fact, Forbes ranked Utah the #1 Best State for business six of the last eight years. A key to Utah's success is its robust technology sector, concentrated in the area in and around Salt Lake City that has come to be known as Silicon Slopes. The branding campaign is aimed at helping Utah tech companies share knowledge and resources and attracting capital to the region.

Some key facts regarding Salt Lake's value:

  • Utah is a right to work state
  • The Salt Palace Convention Center and Mountain America Expo Center hold no labor agreements with any union entities
  • Taxi average from the airport to the convention district - $25
  • Public Transportation "Free Fare zone" in the downtown convention district
  • Utah energy costs are 31% below the national average
  • Overall business costs in Utah are 10% below the national average
  • Reasonable Tax Rates 
    • Salt Lake County Combined Sales Tax 6.85% 
    • Restaurants 8.1-8.6%, 9.6% in Emigration Canyon Township
    • Total Tax Paid by a Hotel/Motel guest:
      • 12.17-13.82% across Salt Lake County
      • 13.82% in Salt Lake City