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Red Butte Garden Concert Series

The Salt Lake Scene

The unofficial authority of all things Salt Lake. Find the best intel on restaurants, bars, family friendly activities and all the must see places and things to do in Utah's urban gateway. All our content comes from SLC locals so you know you're getting a true Salt Lake experience.

A COVID Thanksgiving

Pandemic, earthquake, windstorm, state of emergency, presidential election...turkey? Thanksgiving will look a little different in Salt Lake City this year as the unpredictable trend of 2020 continues. Before you dismiss Thanksgiving and grudgingly try to answer the question, “What are you...

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Park City’s Diverse Culinary Scene Offers Something for Everyone

While Park City, Utah has been long been known as a world-class destination for skiers, its culinary reputation has rapidly emerged and its rich, diverse food scene is open and ready to safely serve you, offering an abundance of dining options that are continuously evolving, gaining its own deserved

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The Perfect Pairing for any Park City Activity

While we are known as one of “America’s Best Ski Towns,” our area is more than its slopes. You don’t have to ski or snowboard to enjoy Park City. In fact, we have plenty of fun and engaging year-round activities for non-skiers to enjoy beyond the slopes. As the local...

Kyra Condie & Nathaniel Coleman - Team USA Climbers

Many know Salt Lake for its incredible mountains. But did you know Salt Lake also has incredible mountain climbers? Meet Kyra Condie and Nathaniel Coleman, both...

Salt Lake’s LGBTQ Bars

Salt Lake serves as a bastion of progressiveness, playfulness, and pride. In fact, the city's been listed by Advocate magazine as one of the Ten Queerest...

Salt Lake's Must-See Murals and Street Art

Experience the masterful and artistic urban murals in Salt Lake City–some cleverly placed in the middle of busy intersections­–others...