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Want to be in-the-know on all things Salt Lake? We thought so. Here’s the best intel on restaurants, bars, family-friendly activities, and all the must-see greatest hits in this dynamic place that embraces the unconventional. With all content curated by SLC locals so you know you’re getting the insiders’ hot takes on where to go and what to do.

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Things to Do

Ski the Greatest Snow on Earth®

  • 4 minute read

You’ll find the Greatest Snow on Earth® in Utah, and particularly at Salt Lake’s ski resorts. This proud claim refers to more than just the texture of the snow. Location and weather patterns are key. Accessing the snow is incredibly easy with four resorts close to the city. Plus…


Salt Lake's Top Halloween Events

  • 7 minute read

Salt Lake's spookiest season is upon us, and we're trembling with anticipation. We love Halloween and get pretty excited about it, as can be seen by the fact that Utah has been rated as the state with the most Halloween decorations and the second most Halloween-obsessed state in the…

General Interest

Salt Lake's Best Fall Colors

  • 6 minute read

Besides football games and that crisp mountain air, the changing of the leaves is a phenomenon everyone enjoys­, and don’t try to deny it, you enjoy it, we know you do. So after you bring out that fuzzy cardigan and sip on some warm apple cider­, rake your leaves into a neat pile…

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