How to Scoot Salt Lake

Citizens of the fair city of Salt Lake have recently seen a major uptick in the number of Lime scooters whirring about town in flashes of color and efficiency. If you’ve ever hopped aboard one of these citrus-hued funplanks, you’re probably already a fan. And if you haven’t embarked on your own scooter journey yet, here’s a bit about why it’s so great and how you can make the most of this much-talked-about transportation trend.

Scoot right up: they’re here to save the day. 

These dashing little steeds come in incredibly handy. Sometimes, walking to your destination feels a little too lengthy. Other times, you want to skip the downtown traffic and the jostle for parking. Ordering an Uber or Lyft might feel like overkill--or there may not be a driver immediately handy. Perhaps you took public transit to your general zone of choice but could use a simple way to get the final blocks to your destination. 

The scooters are also blessedly zero-emission and won’t pollute the valley’s air, making them a positive for everyone who enjoys breathing.

These are all fantastic reasons to hop on a Lime—and it’s far easier than non-scooter-ers might expect. Just download the Lime app, and you’ll see a map of every available scooter near you. Grab one. You don’t have to dock it anywhere special when you’re done with it—just leave it leaning against a bike rack, tree, or sign for someone else to pick up and use. Riding is cheap, and you can zip along in the bike lane without breaking a sweat. 

Here are the super-basic basics. 

Once you’ve found a nearby scooter on your map, walk up to it. The app invites you to scan the QR code on the scooter to unlock it and start using it. Then you hop on, remember the difference between brake and throttle, and get on your way. At the end of the ride, you just tap “End Ride” in the app and take a picture of the scooter to confirm you did not drive it into an active volcano.


Download the Lime app (Apple Store) (Google Play)

  1. Scan or enter code to unlock

  2. Click "End Ride" in the app to end your trip

  3. Take a picture of the scooter to end your ride.

How to Keep it Safe

Scooter rules are pretty darn common-sense. You need to be 18 or older, wear a helmet, and follow the same rules that you would if you were riding a bike. So, ride on the right side of the road, hug the shoulder or bike lane, and watch for cars. Scooters are super quiet, so cars and pedestrians probably won’t hear you as you approach. 

Use your throttle wisely and brake conservatively. These suckers go up to 15mph, which doesn’t seem like much but can pack a punch if you run afoul and hit a pothole or gravel patch. Go slow and you won’t biff it.

Always follow helmet laws while using an electric scooter

Apply brakes to slow down/stop your electric scooters

Do a pre-ride safety check before using electric scooters

Always follow traffic laws while using an electric scooter

Be mindful of road obstructions while using electric scooters

Park your electric scooter properly by curbside

How to Be a Good Scooting Citizen 

Park thoughtfully—don’t leave your Lime blocking a driveway or in a yard. Just put that kickstand to good use and leave it poised for its next urban adventure. 

And while you’re aboard, give pedestrians a wide berth, and stick to the bike lane or shoulder like the nice person you are. You’re just out, scootin’ through the city, taking in the views, and enjoying a transportation method so green, it’s Lime.