Gallery Stroll Downtown at Phillips Gallery
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Explore Salt Lake's free art, music, and fashion shows during the Gallery Stroll

Free (or Cheap) Events in Salt Lake

Salt Lake is well known for its family friendly fun times. And that reputation comes in part from the number of free events that take place throughout Utah.

Among the many venues that host free events are The Gallivan Center, Pioneer Park, and Temple Square. And don’t forget, The Gateway and City Creek Center, two local malls committed to providing free, fun events too. Liberty Park is also known to host food truck rallies, car shows, drum circles, LARPers and more. The Cathedral of the Madeleine and other local religious organizations frequently host free performances in addition to offering lush grounds that can be explored. Oh, and Gallery Stroll is a free monthly event where local galleries and museums open their doors to the public for free art, music, and fashion shows. From there, the local libraries (both city and county) offer a plethora of free activities for kids of all ages. Movies in the park in the summer become free film screenings in the winter. No matter the time of year you can find something free and fun to do in Salt Lake. Here are a few of our favorite free events throughout the year.



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