Green Meeting Standards

As part of our commitment to the environment, Visit Salt Lake has decided to create and follow guidelines to ensure green practices are part of our business operations. When sponsoring or producing a business meeting, membership connection or any other official Visit Salt Lake gathering, the following guidelines will be followed:

1. Food & Beverage

  • Use of water stations or refillable carafes in place of plastic water bottles
  • Food will be locally sourced wherever possible
  • Donation of leftover food products when practical and when allowed by local regulations
  • Request caterer to provide reusable/ recyclable flatware, glassware and dishware
  • Request condiments; i.e., milk, sugar, ketchup, etc. to be served in bulk
  • Request bulk beverages and avoid individual containers (e.g., half-gallons of juice, not juice boxes)

2. Transportation

  • Encourage car-pooling, use of public transportation, and other alternative means (walking, bicycles, etc.)

3. Communications & Marketing

  • Limit printing of invitations and handouts
  • When printing is necessary, use vegetable based inks and recycled paper product
  • Use recycled or reusable name tags and encourage recycling at end of meeting

4. Meeting Venue

  • Preference will be given to venues which are green rated and/or LEED certified
  • Request placement of recycling bins in all meeting space
  • Meeting space should be designed using tables that do not require table coverings; if table coverings are necessary, we recommend reusable alternatives such as cloth or recycled material

5. Other Considerations

  • We request electronic sales tools during the meeting planning process to conserve paper. This includes:
    • sales proposals
    • menu selection
    • room set creation
    • reservations cross check