Ballet West's Christiana Bennett and Christopher Ruud in
camera_alt Luke Isley
Ballet West's Christiana Bennett and Christopher Ruud in "The Nutcracker"

Attend Virtual Events

COVID-19 social distancing forced the cancellation of events and closure of some venues. But technology has the answer. Check this page to find virtual events you can attend from the safety and comfort of your own home.
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Performing Arts Events in Salt Lake

When you’re planning your next visit to Salt Lake, don’t forget to make time for entertainment. The performing arts in Salt Lake are truly remarkable. We love art, and we have the shows to prove it. From small performances like The Bee at Metro Music Hall (that’s the Utah version of The Moth for you NPR listeners out there) to huge Broadway shows like The Lion King at the Eccles Theater, there are ongoing spectacular performing arts events for everyone in the valley. There’s so much going on when it comes to the performing arts in Salt Lake, it’s easiest to explain it by organization. So buckle up, we’ve got a lot to get through.



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