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Salt Lake is home to all kinds of skiers, riders, revelers, powder fiends, weekend warriors, and more. As a city perched at the base of America’s meteorological miracle, there is a special vibe that resonates here, and when the clouds are low and heavy with powder, you can almost hear it in the air. While the secret about Salt Lake being America’s best ski destination is less of a secret since the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, what few people realize is that this is truly a city for skiers. Diverse cultures and landscapes intersect in Salt Lake, forging a modern ski hub with an eclectic demographic—a demographic pulled here by a gravity that anyone who’s zoomed down an incredible slope will appreciate. Day-to-day life here is many people’s idea of living the dream—and those who live here know it.

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End of Season: Limited runs open June 17-18. Operations assessed weekend-to-weekend, including, hopefully, July 4th weekend.

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