Mural at the Salt Lake Science Education Center called This is How We Move
camera_alt Ryan Malavolta
This is How We Move at the Salt Lake Science Education Center

West of Conventional Mural Tour

Discover the soul of Salt Lake by taking a tour of murals scattered across the valley. You'll find art that embraces our traditional roots while exploring modern industry and progressive ideals. Check-in at 6 of the murals on the tour through the app and claim a prize from the Salt Lake Visitors center when you are done.

See locations for all of the West of Conventional Murals


See One. See them All.

  • The Salt Lake West of Conventional Mural Tour Pass is FREE
  • At each stop on your adventure view the art and check in on the Mural Tour Pass
  • Declare victory when you have visited (and checked in at) 6 of the murals - a new offer will automatically upload to your Mural Tour Pass
  • Claim your prize in person at the Visitor Information Center at 90 S. West Temple

And live to brag about it.

You'll be able to claim your very own West of Conventional Salt Lake t-shirt* at the Visitors Center as evidence of your quest.

*sizes and styles subject to availability. Hours of operation are subject to change.


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Map and Locations

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