South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake is a neighborhood of bungalows, ethnic eateries and easy access to the major thoroughfares in town. Lovingly referred to as SoSaLa by residents, the area has its share of hidden gems.

Map of Salt Lake County divided into sections with South Salt Lake highlighted

South Salt Lake Offerings

Discover Local Offerings

South Salt Lake has a variety of locally owned businesses ready for you to explore.

Where to Eat & Drink

A staple of the SLC barbecue scene, Pat’s BBQ has been doing it longer and better than most. Host to live music on the weekends and succulent ribs every day, Pat’s is a worthy dinner or lunch spot.

On the other side of the dietary spectrum, vegan mainstay Vertical Diner  serves up grub that’s satisfying and delicious. One of the tastiest options in the city, Oh Mai offers delicious Vietnamese bahn mi. And there are plenty of places to wash it all down. Island-themed Bad Ass Coffee  is great for java. Sugar House Distillery makes vodka and whiskey that you can buy at the distillery.


Where to Play

South Salt Lake offers the unique opportunity to hike or bike in the canyons and have time left over to make it down to the city for a casual or formal night out at one of the hundreds of restaurants just minutes away in the valley.

Where to Shop

Gear up at Kirkham’s Outdoor Products for your next adventure. Known nation-wide for its springbar canvas tents that set the benchmark in the industry, they also maintain a huge selection of outdoor apparel and goods. Need an inexpensive bike, for mountains or road? Or maybe some bike-mechanic know-how? Non-profit Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective is your place for all of the above.

What the Local's Know

Salt Lake's Chinatown

Enter through the colorful, gold-roofed Chinatown gate and be transported to another time and place. Salt Lake Chinatown ( is a little complex on State Street, where you’ll find the spacious Chinatown Supermarket, the city’s largest Asian market, and plenty of places to chow down.