Sustainable Salt Lake

When you live in a place surrounded by breathtaking environments, it’s easy to think and act in a sustainable way. The residents of Salt Lake consider themselves stewards of this geographically stunning wonder. Our home is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful backyards and give us endless year-round outdoor recreate and awe-inspiring vistas. The least we can do is act responsibly to ensure the environment is a haven for years to come.

Walking at Red Butte Garden Above Salt Lake

From Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program that allows folks to buy wind and solar-powered energy to Liberty Heights Fresh compostable to-go containers, the businesses and organizations of Salt Lake know that a sustainable today is just doing our part for a better future. And your visit plays a part too—by supporting the parks, museums, and organizations that want to improve Salt Lake. Check out these ideas for the Great Salt Lake that make your visit count.

Visit Salt Lake

As the nonprofit destination marketing and sales organization for Salt Lake County, we are committed to conserving resources and preserving the environment that we promote, market, and sell. By working in partnership with other sustainably minded organizations travelers and convention attendees can rest assured that we are working to provide the best experience possible in Salt Lake’s pristine nature, today and for generations to come.

In fact, Salt Lake is the is the only convention destination to hold five concurrent APEX/ASTM sustainability certifications in one shared partnership that is certified by the Events Industry Council. This collaborative partnership includes the Salt Palace Convention Center, Mountain America Expo Center, Sodexo Live!, Encore, and Visit Salt Lake.

Visit Salt Lake strives to promote green businesses and organizations. We also follow Green Meeting Standards for all events and offer meeting and convention groups sustainable options. Day-to-day, we practice energy conservation, recycling, and use recycled products while avoiding disposable products.

Salt Lake’s government and private organizations are sustainably minded and work in concert to ensure the long-term well-being of our community. More about these organizations green efforts can be found here:

Salt Lake County

Salt Lake City

SMG/Salt Palace Convention Center


Utah Transit Authority



Green Meeting Standards

As part of our commitment to the environment, Visit Salt Lake has decided to create and follow guidelines to ensure green practices are part of our business operations.

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Green Members

At Visit Salt Lake we are committed to sustainability in our environment. The following members have also made a commitment to sustainability. Check them out!

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GreenBike SLC

Salt Lake City now has a bike sharing program for locals and visitors that provides you with an alternate, green, transportation option to get around town.

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