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Your questions about the Ski City Super Pass answered

The Ski City Super Pass is the best way to ski or board four world-class resorts while staying and playing in Salt Lake. Read on for detailed answers to your questions about this deeply discounted lift and transit ticket. For the 2020-21 ski season in Utah, the Super Pass includes round-trip fare on the UTA Ski Bus and TRAX light rail line along with lift access to Alta, Brighton, Solitude, and Snowbird mountain resorts. If you still have questions, you can contact us at the address or phone number listed below. We’re always happy to help.

Super Pass Programs Office

90 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101


Can I receive a refund on my Super Pass if I am unable to use it?

During these trying times Ski City understands how seriously travel plans have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus and has revised it cancelation and refund policy to keep health and safety of all skiers and riders number one priority.

Refunds will be issued for the following instances:

  1. State-mandated mandatory travel ban from the guest’s home state or region.
  2. Skier capacity is reached and enforced by the resorts. Confirmed with resorts prior to refund issued.
  3. Both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon were closed for a full ski day during the dates the Ski City Super Pass was active.
  4. Booking Errors – please contact our ticketing team with additional questions at
  5. COVID-19 related diagnosis or debilitating injury or sickness to the passholder and provided proof of same is evidenced in writing by a medical physician.

*Super Passes purchased through the Freedom Found campaign, hotels, or other third party vendors are non-refundable.

**Weather, parking and transit schedules, dining outlets, ski school, and lift operations all subject to change. Refunds not applicable to these variables. Please review each resort’s policies and amenities prior to booking to assure a safe and stellar time.

***Refunds or replacements for the 19-20 ski season due to COVID-19 closures will no longer be offered as of January 1, 2021.

****Rates and policies will be updated in October 2021 for the 21-22 ski season.

I didn't get to use my pass this season or some of the resorts are closed already. Can you roll it over to next year?

No, Super Passes are only valid for the ski season they were issued. See the Refund Policy for additional information. 

Can I still use my 2019-2020 Ski Pass or get a refund? I did not get to use it due to Covid 19 shutdown

No, refunds and passes from the 2019-2020 ski season will no longer be offered.

How do I get a Super Pass?
  • Buy it online

  • Buy it from one of our participating hotel or lodging partners.
  • Buy in a package from one of our tour operator partners.
  • Groups of 20 or more can buy them directly from our pass programs office. Call 800-541-4955 or 801-534-4900.
Do I need to make day-specific reservations to ski or snowboard at the resorts with my Super Pass?

No, your Super Pass does not require reservations for skiing or snowboarding at the four participating resorts. Reservations may still be required for other variables such as ski school, rentals, transportation/parking. Please review each resort’s policies prior to visiting.

Do I have to ski/board on consecutive days with my multi-day Super Pass?

No. You can schedule your ski days however you like within a 14-day window. Your pass is activated the first day you use it (Day 1), and it expires at the end of Day 14. Sprinkle your down-days throughout your vacation, or string them together and spend some quality time in the city.

Can you add an extra day to my pass?

No, passes cannot be modified after purchase. 

Are there any dates when the Super Pass is not valid?

No. Your Super Pass is valid any day during the current ski season, including weekends and holidays.

Do I need to redeem my Super Pass for a lift ticket each day?

Nope. The Super Pass grants you direct-to-lift access, so skip the resort's lift ticket window and head straight to the gates, where your Super Pass will be scanned.

Can I use my Super Pass at more than one resort per day?

You can use the Super Pass at Brighton and Solitude on the same day, but otherwise, you're limited to one resort per day. However, you can access both Alta and Snowbird in a single day by upgrading your Super Pass to the Alta/Snowbird ticket. To do this, just take your Super Pass to the ticket window at either Alta or Snowbird, pay an extra $50.00 for an adult ticket or $43 for a junior upgrade, and you're upgraded for that day. Pretty sweet.

Can I pick the resorts at which to use my Super Pass? Do I have to ski/ride at all four?

You get to choose at which resort to redeem your pass for the day. If you have a 4-day Super Pass, you can spend all 4 days at one resort or visit a different resort each day (although Alta is skiers-only; sorry, boarders). 

Can more than one person use the same Super Pass?

No. Each person must have his or her own Super Pass.

Is there a Super Pass for children under 7 years of age?

No. Since the resorts' kids' ticket policies vary based on age and rate, we recommend purchasing your child's lift tickets at each individual resort. Our Junior Super Pass works for ages 7-12.

How do I use my Super Pass for free transportation to and from the resorts?

Simply tap your card to the electronic reader located at the front of any UTA ski bus or on a TRAX platform. Remember to tap your card on the reader again when you exit the bus or TRAX train to validate your fare.

I have a paper Super Pass voucher. Can I use that for free transportation on a UTA ski bus or TRAX light rail?

Yes. Just present your paper voucher to the UTA ski-bus driver or TRAX conductor to get free access on your initial ride up to the resorts. The voucher must be exchanged for a Super Pass card at the resort's ticket window for additional free access to transportation. Ski-bus service begins in early December and typically runs until the first weekend in April. For complete details visit

What happens if I lose my Super Pass?

Don't lose it. Your Super Pass is like cash and is non-refundable.

How do I get a discount on my equipment rental?

Show your Super Pass at one of the designated rental shops located at Alta, Snowbird, or Solitude. The discount is good for all ski and snowboard rental equipment. Participating resort rental shops are listed at the bottom of the main Super Pass page.

Please contact the resorts directly for rental questions and reservations.