Solitude Mountain Resort
camera_alt Solitude Mountain Resort

Be One With Solitude

Known around the Wasatch as the resort that lives up to its name, Solitude maintains a low-key vibe, with plenty of elbow room for every skier and boarder. The resort is perched most of the way up Big Cottonwood, adjacent to Brighton but with unique terrain of its own.

The resort skips the bravado of some of its Cottonwood counterparts; its main village includes just a few cozy condominium buildings, an inn, and a few restaurants. Essentially, the place lets the mountain speak for itself. It was family-run for decades, and in spite of its recent purchase by nearby Deer Valley, there’s something about Solitude that will always stay the same.

Beginners find plenty to keep themselves busy on the lower front side of the resort—and more advanced shredders could stay busy for a lifetime, unraveling the mountain’s secrets and guarding them with protectiveness befitting a seasoned local. But the resort’s understated mystery is part of its charm. You explore the place, poke around, find special stashes, and then look around and realize you’re the only person in view.

Explore Solitude

Located up Big Cottonwood Canyon, Solitude is a locals' favorite mountain with some of the best, most pristine terrain in North America. Unhurried and attentive staff, family-friendly atmosphere, and a variety of lodging options make it a memorable experience for anyone. Solitude has something to offer skiers and riders of all abilities across 1,200 acres of untouched terrain.


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