Carnival rides? Check. Prize-winning livestock? Check. Cotton candy? Check. Fried Oreos, candy bars, and more? Check, check, check!

As we collectively wave goodbye to summer, the 2024 Utah State Fair stands ready to usher in the fall from September 5-15. Whether you're a first-timer or it's an annual family tradition, this year’s fair promises a fun-filled lineup of experiences from classic rides and gastronomic delights, to exhibits that celebrate our state's rich agricultural legacy. More on those, and how to snag your tickets below: 


Fair Food
Culinary Delights

1. Culinary Adventures and Classic Fair Food

The fair is synonymous with adventurous eating, and 2024 is no exception. From traditional favorites like turkey legs and cotton candy to innovative eats like bacon-wrapped delicacies, the food scene is set to be a highlight. Indulge in these culinary delights, but remember, moderation is key—unless we’re talking about funnel cakes. For a more in-depth look at what to expect in terms of food, here’s a helpful guide to dining.

Utah State Fair
Entertainment for All

2. Entertainment That Hits All the Right Notes

This year’s lineup at the Utah State Fair is diverse, with performances ranging from local bands to national acts, ensuring there’s a musical genre to match everyone's taste. Beyond music, the fair offers a variety of live performances, including the crowd-favorite demolition derby and unique events like pig races—a must-see for all ages. Stay updated on performance schedules and more by visiting our events page.


Utah State Fair Arts
Arts and Culture

3. Artistic Expressions

It isn't ALL just fun and games; it’s also a celebration of Utah’s artistic talents. From photography exhibits to live painting sessions, the fairgrounds serve as a canvas showcasing the creativity of local artists. This is a perfect opportunity to experience art in a dynamic and interactive setting, funnel cake included. 

Livestock Exhibits

4. Celebrate Utah’s Agricultural Heritage

Agriculture is at the heart of the Utah State Fair. The livestock exhibits provide a fascinating glimpse into farm life, offering educational experiences about the care and management of animals... (they're also really, really cute). Additionally, the fair features horse shows and shearing demonstrations, highlighting the skills that define Utah's agricultural community. 

Family Fun at the Fair
Planning Ahead

5. Planning Your Visit

As you prepare to join the festivities, planning is key to making the most of your visit to the Utah State Fair. Check ticket availability, find maps of the fairgrounds, and read about the attractions you're most interested in by visiting the official Utah State Fair website.