The Salt Lake Scene

  • Salt Lake's Olympic Spirit is Still Going Strong

    The 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City brought a buzz that was unprecedented in a state known for its sobriety. Every citizen found a spirit and sense of local pride beyond anything they'd ever known, and volunteers lined up in droves to get in on the action. Facilities were erected. People

  • Salt Lake's Temple Square

    It's impossible to find a postcard stand in Utah without a Temple Square image on one of its racks. As the most-visited destination in Utah, the dramatic spires of the Mormon Salt Lake Temple do have a prominent place in the city skyline. Of course, the landmark has major spiritual significance to

  • Fall in Love with The Great Salt Lake

    Drive past the Great Salt Lake today, and it continuously shifts depending on your angle. From one direction, it's a glimmering sliver on the horizon of vast salt flats. From another direction, it's a 1930s-era lakeside Taj Mahal. Keep driving north, and you pass endless marshes and mineral-laden

  • Gardens, Parks & Zoos in Salt Lake

    The good citizens of Salt Lake are known for their love of nature, which is why the city has prioritized stewardship of green spaces and havens of natural wonder within town as much as in the mountains above it. In fact, there are a whopping 125 parks maintained by the Salt Lake City government.

  • All You Need to Know About Dining at Temple Square

    From the elegance of Utah’s premier gourmet buffet to the historic home of Brigham Young, Temple Square is home to four award-winning restaurants, suited to fit any mood or occasion. The dining experience at Temple Square dates back to 1914 and the hospitality tradition of the prestigious Hotel

  • Best Things to Do at Temple Square

    Located in downtown Salt Lake City, Temple Square is one of the most popular attractions in Utah. Covering 35 acres, it’s filled with a variety of things to see and do. It doesn’t matter if you spend 20 minutes or 5 hours, you’re in for a treat! All tours at Temple Square are free, so check out some

  • Salt Lake's Best Summer Events

    Beat boredom this summer and bust out your calendar right now. Then grab a pen and peruse the list below to fill your summer days with fun activities, events, and experiences. Summer is a fantastic time to try something different, learn a new skill, or visit the local museums you've been neglecting.

  • The Finest Farmer's Markets Around Salt Lake

    First of all, let’s get this out there upfront: don’t even think about spending a summer in the Salt Lake valley without hitting up a farmers' market to bite into a freshly picked peach and score a robust heirloom tomato to take home for dinner. There are several excellent farmers' markets that are

  • Red Iguana - Salt of the Earth: People and Places of Salt Lake

    Ask anyone where you definitely need to eat in Salt Lake, and you'll get one response-Red Iguana. Red Iguana has been a Salt Lake institution, serving up traditional Oaxacan dishes and generations-old recipes to generations of Utahn's. Known best for their moles (a slow-cooked sauce with up to 23

  • Days of '47 Celebrations in Salt Lake:

    On July 24, 1847, the first batch of intrepid, trail-tested pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake valley. They'd achieved an absolutely monumental task, and not without devastating losses along the way. Fueled by determination to make a fresh start after religious strife uprooted their communities,

  • Salt Lake's Finest Patio Dining & Drinking

    It's true: Salt Lake's spring, summer, and fall nights are tough to top. And there's nothing like a delicious meal or cool beer enjoyed out in the fresh air. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent bars and restaurants around to accommodate. Some are in the heart of the city, some are tucked away

  • Lake Effect is Not Your Average Bar

    Nick Chachas and Jeff Burbach founded Lake Effect in March 2017. The duo met while Nick was tending bar at a local watering hole and struck up a fast friendship. Bonding over many, many Old Fashioneds, they decided to partner up and build a bar that is unlike any other. A place where people can meet

  • Salt Lake's Rec Centers

    Look at any photo of the Salt Lake skyline, and the mountains are the real scene-stealers. Indeed, when we think of recreation in Salt Lake, we tend to look upward and start plotting adventure in the high alpine: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, and climbing. But if you don't have time to head

  • The 4th Annual Eat, Drink SLC

    Nibble, nosh, sip and swirl the evening away while listening to live music on Tracy Aviary's cool, green grounds at Eat Drink SLC 2018 on July 12, from 6:30 to 9:30pm. Festival-goers, aged 21 and over, sample seasonal fare from many of Salt Lake's leading restaurants and purveyors; sip from a

  • USANA Amphitheater's Summer Concerts

    From rock, to country, to pop royalty, big names and enthralling musical acts can be enjoyed from the gentle slopes of Utah's USANA Amphitheatre in West Valley City. As the sun sets to the west of the Wasatch mountains, the expanse of fiery alpenglow compliments the fantastic acoustics of one of the

  • Zoo Brew: Cheers to Utah's Hogle Zoo

    If you’re seeking a new way to experience Utah’s Hogle Zoo, consider raising a cold glass to animal conservation by attending Zoo Brew on select Wednesday evenings this summer or fall. If you’ve ever fantasized about experiencing the zoo without the jam of Utah’s ubiquitous ranks of strollers and

  • Salt Lake's Pride Preview

    All year ‘round, Salt Lake proudly owns its designation as one of Advocate magazine’s Ten Queerest Cities in America, but in June, well, something extra special happens. Rainbow flags appear in windows, in yards, on porches, and on restaurant patios. The city block around Library Square bustles with

  • The Salt Lake Connect Pass:

    "Mooommmmmm, I'm boooored." It's a phrase that need never be heard in Salt Lake again thanks to the Connect Pass, a ticket to 16 of the region's best family-friendly attractions. You can purchase the Connect Pass for a day, a few days, or spring for a full year of access. So it works wonderfully

  • Salt Lake's Water Parks and Amusement Parks

    For most of us, the whooshing thrill and sticky-sweet snacks of theme park days are among our favorite childhood memories. (And, okay, amusement parks are pretty darn fun for adults, too, if we're being honest.) While Utah's largest theme park lies just outside Salt Lake, this valley lays claim to