Salt Lake's Compact Convention District

With the Salt Palace Convention Center located in the heart of downtown our convention district IS downtown Salt Lake. You’ll find yourself at hotels and convention venues surrounded by restaurants, bars, shopping, and more. With a walkable, compact downtown district, Salt Lake is easy to navigate. Public transit, ride share and taxi services, bike lanes, wide sidewalks, and clear signage make it even easier to get around.

Within a 5 minute walk:

A Map-Guided Overview

Use the map below to explore this interconnected hub of world-class venues, accommodations, dining, and entertainment options. Attendees can easily navigate from hotels to meeting spaces, and on to nightlife and leisure activities within a walkable and pedestrian-friendly environment.



Convention District Hotels

The district's convenience extends to its wide range of accommodations, providing attendees with a variety of options to suit their preferences and budgets…