Sustainability at the Salt Palace

The Salt Palace Convention Center has been dedicated to sustainability for almost two decades, starting with Silver LEED certification for the Salt Palace expansion in 2007. Sustainability initiatives since then include:

  • 2012: installed one of the nation's largest solar panel arrays.
  • 2017: established a Sustainability department.
  • 2022: began collecting and baling stretch plastics, producing two bales within a year.
  • 2023: recycling efforts with a new cardboard baler have resulted in ten bales of cardboard in the first two quarters.


Sustainability focus areas include:

Events Industry Council Sustainable Event Standards (EIC SES) Certification:
  • Aim to maintain current certification levels (Gold for Salt Palace, Silver for Encore and Sodexo Live) for 2023.
  • By 2026, strive to upgrade Salt Palace to Platinum and maintain Silver for Encore and Sodexo Live.
  • Involve Hyatt Regency (new convention center hotel) in the Green Team Committee and achieve Silver certification by 2026.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracking:
  • Salt Palace began tracking greenhouse gas emissions for scopes one and two in the current year.
  • Aim to track all three scopes of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
Landfill Diversion:
  • Focus on reducing, reusing, repurposing, and recycling waste with community partners.
  • By 2030, target a 90% landfill diversion rate by volume for the Salt Palace.

Our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering, and we continue to explore new ways to create a greener future for our venues and community.

Sustainable Salt Lake: The Salt Palace Convention Center