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Find the specific contact for your questions or you may contact our administrative offices at:

Mountain America Exposition Center
9575 South State Street
Sandy, UT 84070
Phone: 385-468-2260
Fax: 385-468-2277
EVENT HOTLINE: 385-468-2280


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On-Site Department Directory

Select from the following departments to view a list of all Mountain America Exposition Center staff members



Event Managers
Guest Services



For off-site Directors and Department Managers, please call 385-468-2260. This includes the General Manager and the Directors of Sales, Finance, Events, and Communications & Public Relations; plus, Managers of Specialty Crafts, Human Resources, Database Administration and Information Systems.

Mountain America Expo Center Administration

  • Rick Medina

    Rick Medina

    Facility Director
    • Phone: 385-468-2283
  • Linda Cochrane

    Linda Cochrane

    Receptionist/Front Desk
    • Phone: 385-468-2260

Mountain America Expo Center Sales

  • Zach Moore

    Zach Moore

    Sales Manager

Mountain America Expo Center Event Managers

  • Gerri Morgan

    Gerri Morgan

    Senior Event Manager
    • Phone: 385-468-2285
  • Eimis Sakalauskas

    Eimis Sakalauskas

    Event Manager
    • Phone: 385-468-2282 ext. 312

Mountain America Expo Center Engineering

  • Zach Nicholson

    Zach Nicholson

    Chief Engineer
    • Phone: 385-468-2290
  • Dave Latsis

    Dave Latsis

    Lead Engineer
    • Phone: 385-468-2291
  • David Northrup

    David Northrup

    • Phone: 385-468-2267
  • Chavis Fryer

    Chavis Fryer

    • Phone: 385-468-2267
  • Ernie Torres

    Ernie Torres

    • Phone: 385-468-2267
  • Mike Goddard

    Mike Goddard

    • Phone: 385-468-2267

Mountain America Expo Center Accounting

  • Shar Wu

    Shar Wu

    • Phone: 385-468-2288

Mountain America Expo Center Operations

  • Jimmy Mosley

    Jimmy Mosley

    Day Supervisor
    • Phone: 385-468-2293
  • Rick Allen

    Rick Allen

    Operations Manager
    • Phone: 385-468-2287
  • Denny Britton

    Denny Britton

    Assistant Supervisor
    • Phone: 385-468-2293

Mountain America Expo Center Guest Services

  • Audrey Vasquez

    Audrey Vasquez

    • Phone: 385-468-2269
  • Scott Averett

    Scott Averett

    Guest Services Administrator
    • Phone: 385-468-2292
  • Gary Huggard

    Gary Huggard

    Guest Services Manager
    • Phone: 385-468-2286
  • Shelly Morehouse

    Shelly Morehouse

    Graveyard Shift Supervisor
    • Phone: 385-468-2266
  • Gina Morgan

    Gina Morgan

    • Phone: 385-468-2269