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On-site Services and Vendors

The Mountain America Expo Center offers convenient, one-stop shopping for all your event needs. Our expert staff can help you with all of your technical needs, including telephone, Internet (both wired and wireless), cable television and engineering. We also offer enhanced guest services options and EMT providers, as well as an on-site caterer and audio/visual company.



Centerplate Version #2



Our mission is to make it better to be there. Every time. Everywhere. By understanding what matters most–to guests, to fans, to communities–we help make the most of every moment through a strategic approach to hospitality.We craft one-of-a-kind guest experiences that reflect purpose and place, so your presence is valued, your returns are rewarding, and your community connections are authentic. That’s the power of Centerplate. Visit their web site.




EncoreEncore offers one of the largest, most up-to-date equipment inventories in the industry and its services include: audio/visual, creative, interactive, staging, technology, staging, rigging and much more. Visit their web site.