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Facility Services

The Facility Services Department offers Internet, networking, telephone, cable television, equipment rental and engineering services.  For assistance, please call our Customer Service line at 385-468-2284.

  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Cable Television
  • Marquee
  • Compressed air, water, and natural gas connections are available in all exhibit halls



High-speed Internet access is available over our in-house fiber optic network. Choose from basic, individual service options to building-wide networks with extreme bandwidth demands.

  • Wired services are delivered by Ethernet-based connectivity using Category 5 wiring with RJ45 terminated ends.
  • Once installed, Internet service is active 24 hours a day for the duration of the event.
  • There are no firewalls or filters on our Internet service.  We encourage all guests to have up-to-date anti-virus software installed on computers and consider the use of a personal firewall.
  • Wired Internet services are recommended for all critical event services including, but not limited to, presentations, registrations, on-line sales or web-based streaming.


Individual Options:  These wired Internet options are designed for those who need access for just one or two computers in a single location, such as an exhibit booth or meeting room.  Daily and event rates are available.

  • Internet Basic: A 256K connection to the Internet.  Excellent for standard web-browsing, checking email and web-based sales.

Internet Network Options:  Need service for more than one or two computers?  These two network options offer Internet access for those needing an easy solution for multiple computers.  This option is best for use in larger exhibit booths, classrooms, product stores or Internet cafés.

  • Complete Network:  High-speed Internet access for up to five computers (3 Mb dedicated to each computer). The Complete Network includes all networking equipment (switch and cables), as well as labor.  Additional computers can be added to this network for a small fee.
  • Routable Network:  3 Mb Internet connection that allows you to create your own wired network on your own router* or server.  A router or server makes setup easier for a large number of computers in a single location.  This option is best for classrooms or areas where a variety of guests will be coming and going frequently.
    *Use of a wireless router is prohibited on this service

Priority Internet Packages:  Our Internet services can be packaged to fit your event needs.  These services provide you with high-end access from up to 500Mbps.  Packages are perfect for events that need Internet access in multiple locations within the facility or need dedicated bandwidth for web conferencing and broadcasting.  For pricing on Priority packages, call Facility Services for a quote.


Events have the opportunity to generate sponsorship revenue with the Mountain America Event Wi-Fi Service.  Offer wireless sponsorship to a corporate partner or event exhibitor who will benefit from advertising on the welcome page by directing event guests to their website.  Events must secure their own sponsor.

Benefits of Sponsored Wi-Fi

  • Provide your attendees with the wireless internet services they desire.
  • Generate additional revenue from your pool of sponsors.
  • The welcome page can be customized to display a logo, change the background, display a message, etc.
  • Guests can be automatically redirected to any website.

The facility offers telephone lines for voice, data and credit card needs.  Single or multi-line handsets and conference speakerphones are available. Lines can be programmed with features such as toll restriction, line hunter/rollover, call waiting and voicemail.

  • VOIP analog technology
  • Dial “9” feature to reach an outside line
  • Active 24 hours a day after installation
  • One, single-line telephone handset is included with all telephone orders

Comcast Cable Television services can be ordered in any exhibit hall or meeting room.  Local channels and most standard cable channels are available.


Advertising time can be purchased for the facility's outdoor marquees through the Facility Services Department or ordered online. The marquees have full-color LED 16mm screens that are displayed in portrait format. They are 11’10” high and 9’2” wide. The best resolution is 72 ppi at 270x330 media requirement. Please send all media in JPG, GIF, PNG, MP4, MP3, WAV, or WMA format. 


Electrical services at the Mountain America Expo Center are provided by your primary service contractor (decorator).  

Meeting Room Power Policy:  Clients may use the 120V outlets on the walls and in floor pockets to power a lectern, a computer for a presenter, or audio visual equipment, such as a projector, wireless microphones and sound mixers, etc.  All other uses of electrical service in the meeting rooms, or if the combined requirements of the room exceed 20 amps, service must be ordered from and installed by one of four facility-approved contractors:  Freeman, GES, JP Display or Modern Expo & Events. 

To meet fire and safety codes, extension cords must be single outlet, 12 AWG, or larger, flat and grounded