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Policies & Procedures

These Facility Operating Policies and Procedures, along with referenced publications, have been established to ensure the Facility, its personnel, lessee and related service contractors are working in a safe and orderly environment. These policies and procedures should serve as a guideline for all concerned, and are in addition to regulatory codes, ordinances and laws governing events and building operations. Any questions, requests for variations, or exceptions should be submitted promptly to the Event Management Department, and must be approved in writing by Facility Management.


  • The Facility's exclusive caterer, Sodexo Live!, provides food service for the facility. No food or beverage of any kind may be brought or delivered into the building or to the exterior grounds, parking lots, decks, truck docks and drives, which constitute the "premises."
  •  Audio visual services can be provided by our preferred, in-house service contractor, Encore.
  • Temporary electrical services are provided exclusively by Facility-approved electrical contractors. If your event does not use a contractor, please contact your event manager or the Facility Services Department. Temporary electrical services are defined as service connections and disconnections from floor boxes and wall outlets, power panels, and such other power sources as may be required to energize lighting and electrical systems for displays and exhibits installed or production events held at the Facility. Facility-approved contractors are: Freeman, GES, JP Display and Modern Expo & Events.
  • Temporary plumbing services are defined as water, air, gas, and drain connections from the floor boxes, wall outlets and other sources as may be required to provide plumbing services for displays and exhibits installed or held at the facility.
  • Work performed in connection with events held in the facility is accomplished primarily by private contractors who may maintain labor agreements with local unions. Clients must check with their contractors regarding jurisdictional requirements in connection with their event.
  • Telecommunication and Internet services are available through the Center's Facility Services Department. Analog and digital telephone lines are available with single or multi-line sets and a variety of optional features. High speed Internet is available in a wired or wireless option. Service order forms are available upon request.
  • The Facility has approximately 1,700 parking stalls available to all users of the facility. Parking is provided free of charge.
  • Utah law prohibits smoking in any public space in the facility, including exhibit halls, restrooms, lobbies, corridors, and meeting rooms. The use of e-cigarettes is also prohibited. To comply with the Utah Clean Air Act, smokers must be at least 25 feet from any entryway.
  • As a facility of public accommodation, it complies in all respects with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Clients are also required to comply with the provisions of this law in the design and set-up of their event.
  • Upon the expiration or sooner termination of the Use License Agreement, Show management shall immediately remove all goods, wares, merchandise, property and debris owned by Show management or which Show management has placed or permitted to be placed on or at the Facility. Any such property not so removed shall be considered abandoned and, at Facility's option, be removed and stored by Facility management at Show management's expense or disposed of in any manner Facility management deems expedient. Show management waives all claims for damage resulting from removal, storage and disposal of such property and indemnifies Facility management from any damages or costs, including reasonable attorney's fees resulting from such storage, removal and disposal.
  • In no event shall attendance be permitted in excess of the established capacity of the Authorized Areas. Show management shall not admit a larger number of persons than can safely and freely move about in the Authorized Areas; the decision of Facility's management and/or the City's Fire Marshal in this respect shall be final.
  • Facility management shall not be obligated to accept delivery of Show management or its agents or exhibitors' property addressed to Show management at the Facility except upon prior approval of Facility management. Facility management shall not be liable for damage to such property and Show management shall indemnify and hold harmless Facility management for and against any loss of or damage to such property and to any damage caused by such property to other persons or property.
  • All advertising of Show management's event shall be accurate and true in all respects. All advertising space in the Facility is the exclusive property of Facility management. Advertising of events by Show management in Facility publications, reader boards or other advertising media under the control of Facility management shall be provided as availability permits with no guarantee that such advertising space shall be available. Contact Facility Management for rates and availability. The content of all advertising by the Show management is subject to approval by Facility management in writing. All in-house publications and advertising in such publications are the exclusive property of Facility management. Facility management reserves the right to distribute its in-house publications to attendees within the Facility.
  • Show management shall obtain all necessary licenses and shall pay all costs and fees arising from the use of copyrighted music or dramatic materials, or any other property subject to any trademark, patent or other proprietary right, which is used or incorporated in the event. Show management shall indemnify, defend and hold Facility management and all other Indemnities designated in the License Agreement harmless from any liability, claims or costs, including attorney's fees, arising from the use of any such materials or such claims of infringement or violation of the rights of the owner.
  • No collections or donations, whether for charity or otherwise, shall be made without permission of Facility management.


  • Facility management, along with show management, will evaluate each event according to the nature of the event, profile of the attendees, areas in use, and consideration for other events when determining staffing of certified first aid personnel. Lessee is responsible for all costs of certified first aid personnel during their lease term.
  • Safety of all occupants of the Facility is of primary concern. Any unsafe condition or activity should be immediately reported to Guest Services personnel for corrective measures.
  • The Facility maintains a 24-hour staffed Guest Services office. Show management is responsible for all staffing needs with regard to safeguarding their event. The Facility management, along with show management will evaluate each event according to the nature of the event, profile of the attendees, areas in use, and consideration for other events when determining additional staffing requirements, including exhibitor move-in and move-out periods.
  • The Guest Services Department provides all locks for securing leased space. At the request of show management, custom locks are available for many doors for an additional fee. Contact your event manager for all special door lock requests.
  • All Facility employees wear Facility photo identification badges while servicing events. Show management may refuse access to employees without visible and proper Facility identification. Properly identified Facility employees on Facility business have the right of access, as needed, to all Facility space at all times. Facility employees are not obligated to wear additional identification for right of access.
  • Animals and pets are not permitted in the building except in conjunction with an authorized exhibit, display or performance; or, as aids to the disabled. Where an animal is used in an authorized exhibit, display or performance, the animal is to remain in a properly enclosed pen or cage when not performing. Animals must have proper licensing and certificates and follow health and safety guidelines as may be required by local authorities and Facility management.
  • If it becomes appropriate in the judgment of Facility management to evacuate the premises for reasons of public safety, then, after such evacuation, Show management may continue to use the premises for sufficient time to complete presentation of the event without additional fees providing such time does not interfere with another Show.
  • Facility management shall have the sole right to collect and have the custody of articles left in the premises by persons attending any performance, exhibition, or entertainment event given or held in the Facilities, and Show management or any person in the Show management's employ shall neither collect nor interfere with the collection or custody of such articles.

The NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and the International Fire & Building Code are the established standards for review of occupancies and events in the Mountain America Exposition Center. Highlights of pertinent provisions are outlined below:

  • All drapes, curtains, table coverings, skirts, carpet or any materials used in exhibits must be flame retardant.
  • Fire hose cabinets, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, fire exit doors, route of egress and any other fire safety device must not be hidden, obstructed or otherwise disturbed.
  • Crates, packing material, wooden boxes and other highly combustible materials may not be stored in the building, unless authorized by the Facility management and /or Fire Marshal.
  • The use of pyrotechnics and welding equipment, open flames or smoke-emitting material as part of an exhibit and unusual displays incorporating a large amount of combustible materials (i.e. house structures) must be individually reviewed by Facility management and the City Fire Marshal.
  • Additional provisions are contained in the schedule of Fire Safety Rules and Regulations.
  • Three (3) copies of the event floor plans should be submitted to the facility Event Management Department for review and approval at least eight (8) weeks prior to the first show day. The plans should be on appropriate sized paper given the facility space utilized and should clearly show adjacent lobbies and exit ways.
  • After Facility Management review and approval, the Event Management Department will forward plans to the Fire Marshal for review and approval.
  • After Fire Marshal review and approval, the Event Manager will return a stamped and approved set of plans to show management and to the official service contractor. The review process generally takes between three and four weeks.
  • Floor plans are not considered approved without signed and stamped approval from both Facility Management and the Fire Marshal, and should not be published without stamped approval.
  • The Fire Marshal approval of a floor plan is conditional. The final approval is given after an on-site inspection by field inspectors.
  • If the final floor plan is different from the initially-approved floor plan, it must be submitted and processed for approval. The resubmitted plan must be approved before the first day of move-in.
  • All floor plans should clearly show the following:
    • Name and date of the event
    • Name of the area in use
    • Official service contractor
    • Date of initial drawing and all revisions
    • Labeled location of all exits
    • Dimensions of all aisle widths
    • Bone yards and all contractor storage areas that will be maintained as on-site storage during exhibition hours.
  • Life safety guidelines for acceptable exhibit floor plans are as follows, unless approved by Facility management and Fire Marshal:
    • All points of entrance and egress should have a minimum of 20 feet clear space on all sides. Specific clearances are established for each major entrance and exit, and may be confirmed with the Event Manager.
    • All aisles must be a minimum of 10 feet wide
    • A person should have to travel no more than 200 feet from any point in the hall to the nearest exit
    • Dead-end aisles may be no longer than 50 feet
    • All fire hose connections, extinguisher cabinets and alarm call stations must be clearly visible and unobstructed at all times

Damages of any kind should be promptly reported to the Event Manager. Lessee is responsible for any damages to the building, furnishings or equipment. Lessee and its contractors are encouraged to inspect the facility prior to move-in and following move-out, accompanied by a representative of Facility Management.

Decorations may not be taped, nailed, tacked or otherwise fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns or fabric and decorative walls.

Helium Balloons
Helium balloons may not be given out inside the building but may be authorized to be attached to permanent displays or structures. Check with your Event Manager on restrictions. Balloons must be attached to structures and displays securely. Loose balloons that float to the ceiling must be removed immediately at the expense of the event. Charges will include high-lift rental and operator. Helium tanks are not allowed inside the facility, but balloons and other objects can be filled on the loading docks. During use, tanks must always be in an upright position and chained to a specialized, portable stand. When not in use, tanks must be secured and a cap or other device must be placed over the valve stem to prevent tampering. Tanks must not be carried by hand. Transport of helium tanks must comply with approved safety practices concerning inert gases.

Adhesive-backed Decals
Adhesive-backed decals and stickers may not be used or distributed anywhere on the premises.

Glitter and confetti may not be used in carpeted areas of the building without prior authorization of Facility Management.

Motorized Vehicles
Motorized vehicles, forklifts, gas or electric carts, bicycles, scooters and similar equipment may not be operated on any carpeted areas unless the areas are covered with appropriate plastic sheathing.

Temporary Floor Coverings
Carpet runners, show carpet or other temporary floor covering over permanent carpet must be approved. Contact the Event Management Department for specification of approved tapes to use when installing carpet. Double-faced tape and heat tapes are prohibited for direct application to permanent carpeted areas. 

Tape Removal
Tape removal from exhibit hall floor is the responsibility of the Lessee and their service contractor.

Facility Planters & Furnishings 
Facility planters and furnishings may not be removed or repositioned. Facility personnel shall handle any movement of furniture for event purposed.

Janitorial Services
Facility personnel will clean common use public areas, meeting rooms (except when utilized as exhibit area) and restrooms. All
other janitorial and cleaning service, beginning with the first day of move-in, during show day and through final day of move-out, 
is the responsibility of Lessee and will be billed at the prevailing rate.

  • Small directional signs may be placed in the interior entrances subject to approval in advance by Event Management Department. Signage requests will be coordinated with other events utilizing the facilities. 
  • All sign material used should be flame retardant to the satisfaction of the City Fire Marshal. 
  • Signs and banners may not be attached, taped, nailed or otherwise fastened to any surface including, ceiling, window, painted surface, columns, fabric wall or movable wall of the Facility. 
  • Fees may be assessed for any promotional advertising located within the facility premises.
  • All additional signage in non-contracted space must be approved by SMG Management. See rate schedule for established signage locations. 
  • No approval will be given prior to 90 days out from the first event day.
  • All respective costs for reserved sign space will be invoiced on final settlement.
  • Exterior signage cannot be placed prior to 48 hours of event opening.
  • Exterior signage is not permitted on the city streets or right-of-way. The placement of signs or advertising in the city or county requires proper license and permits from the appropriate governing agencies.



Rigging Services are available at the Facility and provided by an in-house contractor (Encore). If Licensee contracts with another outside rigging services provider, additional fees may apply for Advance Rigging Services. Advance Rigging Services include a review of all outside contractors rigging plans to determine proper weight calculations and rigging design.

All rigging crews shall be led by an ETCP certified rigger. The lead rigger shall be responsible for supervising crew and enforcing facility policies. All rigging within the facility shall be in accordance with all national, state and local safety codes, including, but not limited to, OSHA, BOCA and Facility policy, and subject to approval by the Fire Marshal and Facility Management.

Rigging is only permitted on building structures that have a stamped, working load limit. Hanging from any other objects or fabric of the facility such as plumbing, electrical fixtures, HVAC or supporting infrastructure is strictly prohibited. In the Mountain America Expo Center, the low horizontal steel beams in the exhibit halls have a certified load rating of 1,000 pounds placed anywhere along the length. For more information, please refer to Facility Rigging Policies and Procedures.



The Show management, their exhibitors, agents and contractors shall be required to comply with, and acquire any and all applicable federal, state and/or municipal permits or licenses for doing business within the State of Utah and Sandy City. For information regarding business licenses in Sandy City, call 801-568-7252.

Show management shall, at its own expense, promptly comply and cause its employees, agents, contractors, exhibitor, patrons and invitees to promptly comply with all laws, ordinances, orders, rules, regulations and requirements of all federal, state, municipal and local governments, departments, commissions, boards and officers and to conform in all respects with the City Fire Department Management Plan for the Facility as in effect from time to time, with particular reference to such Plan's Exhibition Guidelines.



Exhibitors who process or distribute food in their normal course of business and would like to distribute food samples may be allowed, provided their food samples are no larger than bite size, and the beverages are no larger than two (2) ounces. An exhibitor who does not manufacture, process or distribute food as their normal course of business, and would like to distribute food, must purchase their food samples from the Facility's food service contractor, at retail prices, and no restriction on the size will be applied.



All matters, rules and regulations or deviations therefrom, not expressly provided for herein, shall be decided by Facility Management. Rules and Regulations are subject to change without notice.