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Electrical Contractor Policy

SMG has authorized four pre-approved electrical contractors for installation of electrical services at the Mountain America Expo Center and Salt Palace Convention Center. Each electrical contractor is responsible for soliciting clients and providing the agreed-upon services. As defined in the electrical agreements, additional policies and procedures are to be established periodically that provide guidance to contractors in implementing the terms of those agreements. Below are the guidelines that contractors should follow when performing work at the Mountain America Exposition Center or Salt Palace Convention Center.



Contractors are responsible for paying commission on electrical services in the registration areas even if they do not bill their client for these services. Facility personnel will conduct audits of electrical services used in these areas to ensure they are included in the final reports from the contractors.



Audio visual companies should coordinate their electrical requirements with the event electrical contractor, including requirements in the exhibit halls and meeting rooms.



The client may choose from a list of four pre-approved contractors. If a client has not selected a contractor and it is determined that one is required, the Office Manager will contact one of the contractors on their behalf. Contractors will be selected on a rotating basis.



The event planner or licensee should discuss power needs with their facility event manager. If an electrical contractor is not required, the event manager will coordinate with the facility Engineering Department who will then inspect all electrical hook-ups and equipment and ensure all safety protocols are in place.

If a client uses 120V outlets on the wall or in floor pockets to power a lectern, a computer for a presenter, or audio visual equipment, such as a projector, wireless microphones and sound mixers, etc., the electrical contractor has the discretion to charge or nor charge the client. If clients are not charged, the facility agrees to waive the related commission requirements.

A client will be required to use an electrical contractor if the set-up calls for:

  • Greater than 20 amps
  • 208V
  • Use of more than 20 120V outlets
  • Distribution of power through a junction box or similar equipment


IN-HOUSE PROVIDERS - Encore and Sodexo Live!

Electrical services for in-house catering or audio visual companies are exempt and will be installed by either the in-house company personnel or the facility personnel.



All audio visual contractors and decorators are required to use (Facility Operations Guide: 12 AWG or larger) flat extension cords in foot traffic areas. After setting the extension cord, black gaffers tape must be used to secure the cord in place. Yellow and black striped caution tape should then be placed on top of the gaffers tape. Round power cords should not be used in foot traffic areas. This requirement is in place to minimize slips, trip and falls in the facilities.