Festival of Trees 2012 at Mountain America Expo Center




The Mountain America Expo Center opened in November 2000 at a cost of $46 million to Salt Lake County, owner of the facility. It is managed by SMG, worldwide leader in public facilities' management. The Expo Center was constructed to become the primary venue on the Wasatch Front for consumer shows, expos, community events, regional and local meetings and conferences. It complements the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, which primarily hosts national conventions. Well over 11 million people have visited the Mountain America Expo Center since its opening and the facility has hosted thousands of events.

The SMG employees take pride in maintaining an attractive, safe, secure, technologically advanced, welcoming and well-run facility. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations regardless of the size of the event. We embrace the idea that our purpose reaches beyond our doors and into the community of Sandy City and surrounding areas. Our S.O.A.R. program personifies our values as an important part of the hospitality industry in Utah.

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