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Event Technology Services Guide

The Salt Palace Convention Center is proud to provide products and services that allow our customers to maintain the highest level of connectivity. We provide high-speed internet access, temporary VLANs, point-to-point networking, wireless buyouts and hotspots, network design, cable television, plumbing, and voice services.

We understand the importance of providing a quality experience for our meeting planners, exhibitors, and guests that rely on our services. Whatever your needs, the Event Technology Services team is here to provide the superior technology and service you deserve. We are dedicated to making your event a success!


  • COMPLETE COVERAGE - Facility-wide access for both wired and wireless Internet services to ensure that your staff, exhibitors, and guests can always be connected.
  • COMPLIMENTARY WIFI - Free Wi-Fi is available in the lobby areas and all meeting rooms.
  • FLEXIBLE WIFI OPTIONS - A versatile system that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of events, including custom hot spots, Wi-Fi buyouts, branded splash pages, super high-density coverage, and more!
  • REDUNDANT 10 GIG INTERNET CONNECTIONS - High-capacity internet infrastructure with multiple Internet service providers to ensure reliability and sustained access during events. 
  • ONSITE TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS - A dedicated, in-house staff to assist you with all your event technology needs.
  • VOICE SERVICES - Analog or digital lines for voice and data service. Choose single-line or multi-line handsets or a Polycom conferencing station. Additional features include line hunt/rollover, call waiting, voicemail, and more.
  • CABLE TELEVISION - Keep up with breaking news, or watch that big game! HD cable service includes local broadcast stations, news, sports, weather, and more.

Wired Internet

Internet Basic: A single Internet drop with connection speeds up to 3 Mbps, DHCP. Recommended for standard web-browsing, email access, social media, etc. Internet Basic provides access for one device, access for additional devices can be purchased.

Internet Business: a single Internet drop with connection speeds up to 10 Mbps, DHCP. Recommended for web demonstrations, online sales, registration, etc.  Internet Business provides access for one device, access for additional devices can be purchased.

Internet Dedicated: a single Internet drop with dedicated connection speed. Connections start at 5, 10 or 20 Mbps, and on up to 10 Gbps. Recommended for live streaming, video conferencing, and event application requiring extremely fast transmissions such as large file transfers and updates. 

Priority Internet Package: Multi-location Internet package. Includes Internet Business drops in up to five locations. Additional locations, public IP addresses, and network equipment such as floor switches and cabling can be added to this package at a discounted rate.

Custom Services: We can supply connectivity via point-to-point connections or VLAN’s for private local area networks, speaker-ready rooms, video transfer, and more. Our facility is built to be flexible, and we can accommodate almost any custom event requirements. Call us to discuss your custom event needs.


Wireless Internet

Complimentary Wi-Fi: free and easy to use, the SP Guest Wi-Fi network is available in all meeting rooms and lobby areas throughout the facility. Provides speeds of up to 2 Mbps per user. Recommended for light web browsing, email, social media, etc. Available in one-hour sessions.

Daily Wi-Fi: The SP Guest Wi-Fi network also offers a daily option. Access for a continuous 24 hours at speeds up to 3 Mbps per user. Recommended for guests requiring sustained Wi-Fi access. Best for light web browsing, email, social media, etc. This network is available in all meeting rooms and lobby areas throughout the facility. Purchase anytime through the SP Guest web portal with a credit card.

SP Premium*: A business-class Wi-Fi network that provides speeds up to 10 Mbps per user and is available anywhere in the facility, including all exhibit halls. Recommended for web demonstrations, on-line sales, registration, etc. Purchase accounts in advance through the Event Technology Services department or anytime through the SP Premium web portal with a credit card.


Custom Wireless Internet Services

Provide Wi-Fi for your attendees, staff, exhibitors, guests, and more with custom wireless Internet services designed to fit your event needs. 

Hotspot / ConnectSpot: a single location Wi-Fi location, usually an exhibit booth, meeting room or lounge area. Recommended when only localized coverage is required. Great for multiple users, like staff, contractors, and guests. 

Smart Wi-Fi: many wireless devices today do not use web browsers. Items like streaming sticks, credit card terminals, and smart TV’s. These items require a dedicated network setup tailored to their location and capabilities. Smart Wi-Fi service is designed to service these unique device needs.

Wi-Fi Buyout: provide Wi-Fi for all your event attendees, staff, contractors, and exhibitors. Coverage for all your contracted event space. Customize this service further with a branded splash page to feature your event or an event sponsor.

Dedicated Wi-Fi: Critical event applications often require a dedicated Wi-Fi network with an access point and radio channel designated exclusively to their use. Recommended for web-based demonstrations, point-of-sale systems, and high-capacity registration services for dedicated coverage in high-traffic or high-capacity locations. 


Our analog and digital telephone lines use Cisco VoIP technology. Analog lines include a single-line handset or can be upgraded to a PolyCom conference set. Digital lines come with a multi-line handset and are recommended for office or registration requirements. Any of our lines can be programmed with features such as toll restriction, call rollover, call waiting, and voicemail.

Cable Television

Keep up with breaking news, or make sure your attendees can watch that big game! Comcast Cable Television services can be ordered in any exhibit hall or meeting room. Local channels and most standard cable channels are available. Many channels are available in HD. A Comcast cable box and remote will be issued to you when the service is installed. HDMI Cable and television set not included.

Engineering & Electrical 

Engineering: The Salt Palace Convention Center is the exclusive provider of all temporary engineering services, including compressed air, natural gas, water connections, and water fill/drain services.

Electrical: All temporary electrical services are provided by one of our seven preferred contractors. For a list of current contractors, please give us a call.


The Salt Palace Convention Center maintains a small fleet of electric scooters and manual wheelchairs. Our equipment is located on-site, with daily rental rates. Limited to stock on hand.


At the Salt Palace Convention Center, you’ll work with a team of exhibit services professionals dedicated to making your exhibit experience easy. We offer: 

  • ONLINE ORDERING - All services can be ordered online at any time.
  • ORDERING ASSISTANCE - Not sure what you need for your exhibit booth? We are here to help. Contact us by phone or email.
  • DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICE - Contact us easily via our dedicated customer telephone number. This line will be staffed during all move-in and event hours.
  • ON-SITE TECH SUPPORT - There will be someone here to help! Technical support will be available during all move-in and event hours.

Placing Your Order

These tips will help contribute to a successful event and can save you money!

  • Order early. This allows you to take advantage of advanced discount rates. 
  • Let the Event Technology Services department help you plan your Internet order. Submit your requirements in writing as early as possible. This will allow for time for us to discuss the different services available and decide which would fit the best with your event needs and budget. Orders can be submitted to your SPCC event manager or directly to the Director of Event Technology at A quote will be drawn up for your approval and signature once the order has been finalized.
  • Provide floor plans that show your service locations for all orders. This will help us get your services installed earlier and accurately.
  • Debating Wired or Wireless? Wired Internet is more reliable as it provides a physical connection directly to your device. But wireless will allow you the freedom to be mobile and move around the facility. Also, there are many devices in use now that can only use wireless. Choosing between the two will depend on the devices you have, and the nature of the connectivity required to run your program or service.
  • Notification of cancellation of any service ordered must be received in writing a minimum of ten days prior to event move-in. A 20% cancellation fee will be assessed on any service canceled fewer than 10 days prior to move-in. Services cannot be canceled once the event move-in has started. 
  • A statement of charges will be submitted to the SPCC accounting department to be included with any other department service charges on your settlement invoice. If advance payment is required, that will reflect as a credit on your settlement. If you prefer to pay for all services in advance, contact Event Technology Services to make arrangements.