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Event Technology Services Guide

The Event Technology Services Department at the Salt Palace Convention Center can help you with all of your technical needs. Read about the services offered or Order services online.

Internet Services 2019

The Salt Palace Convention Center is committed to delivering high quality Internet services. We have multiple carriers and leading-edge infrastructure. Our services are provided over a versatile system that can be tailored at the request of each event, operating multiple networks and provide access for thousands of users throughout the facility.

  • High-speed Internet available anywhere in the facility over our in-house fiber optic network.

  • Point-to-point LAN/VLAN networks

  • High-density WiFi throughout the facility. 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

  • 5 GHz in exhibit halls. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz available in lobby areas and meeting rooms.

  • Complimentary WiFi in all lobby areas and meeting rooms.

  • Multiple access points in each exhibit hall, meeting room and lobby. Additional mobile access points to meet event-specific WiFi requirements.

  • Able to operate multiple networks and provide access for thousands of concurrent WiFi connections.

  • All services are active 24-hours a day for the duration of the event.

  • Onsite technical staff with dedicated support during all event hours.

Wired Internet

Internet Basic: a single Internet drop, up to 3 Mbps shared. Includes one private IP address (DHCP). Used for standard web-browsing, email access, social media, online sales, etc. Internet Basic provides access for one device, access for additional devices can be purchased.

Internet Business: a single Internet drop, up to 10 Mbps shared. Includes one private IP address (DHCP). Used for web demonstrations, video playback, streaming applications, etc.  Internet Business provides access for one device, access for additional devices can be purchased.

Internet Dedicated: a single Internet drop with dedicated, high-bandwidth service, 20 Mbps or more. Includes one private IP address (DHCP). Additional drop locations can be purchased.

Priority Internet Package: Multi-location Internet package. Includes drops in up to five locations with DHCP service. Up to 10 Mbps per drop shared. Additional drops, public IP’s and network equipment (switch & cables) can be added to this package at a discounted rate.

VLAN (Point-to-Point Fiber): Connectivity from a point of origin (server room, NOC, Speaker Ready Room, etc.) to desired drop location (meeting room, registration, kiosks, etc.). Ethernet (RJ45) or Fiber (SC or LC) termination.

Public IP address: an option available for any of our wired Internet services.

Wireless Internet

SP Guest - Complimentary: up to 2 Mbps. for light web browsing, email, social media, etc. Broadcast in all meeting rooms, as well as lobby and concourse areas. Available in one hour sessions.

SP Guest - Daily: up to 3 Mbps. for light web browsing, email, social media, on-line sales, etc. Broadcast in all meeting rooms, as well as lobby and concourse areas. Available for purchase in full-day sessions.

SP Premium*: High-speed (unthrottled) WiFi for web demonstrations, on-line sales, video playback, wireless printers, etc. Broadcast throughout the facility. Available for purchase in full-day sessions.

Connect! Spot*: High-speed (unthrottled) personal WiFi for exhibit booths. Custom network name and password. Designed for exhibitors with multiple wireless devices and guests. Connect! Spot services can be purchased for 25, 50 or 100 connections.

*these services are broadcast 5 GHz only. You must have a wireless adapter capable of 802.11 a/n/ac. Wireless-AC USB adapters are available for purchase in the Business Center, if needed.

Custom Wireless Internet Services

Provide Wi-Fi for your attendees, staff. exhibitors and guests and more. Service is broadcast exactly where you need it: technical meeting sessions, computer labs, wireless lounges or even throughout the entire facility. Choose your own network name (SSID) and password.

You can also choose to utilize a splash page on your WiFi network. It can be a great tool to brand your wireless service. The splash page can be designed with event and sponsor logos, images, colors and a custom greeting or message. Then automatically redirect guests to a website of your choosing.

Use a splash page to:

  • Offer wireless sponsorship opportunity to a corporate partner, exhibitor, etc.

  • Design a page using your event’s logos, colors, images and a custom greeting

  • Communicate to guests. Let them know who is providing this service, where it is available, etc.

To order, start by submitting the Wireless Internet Design Guide. One this form is received by the Facility Services department we will use the information to plan and design your network and provide you with a quote.

WiFi Buyout: WiFi service for your event attendees, but may also include staff, contractors and exhibitors. Coverage for all contracted areas. Minimum buyout - 50% of attendance or 75% with an open network. Additional connections used onsite will be charged at a flat rate of $10 per connection.

WiFi Hotspot: a gathering place for WiFi, usually a WiFi lounge, lab/classroom or office. A single location for a fixed number of users based on room set.

Staff WiFi: Usually a network that covers all of the contracted space, but for a limited number of users (staff or a contractor). A 50% discount if ordered in conjunction with a WiFi buyout.

Dedicated WiFi: A WiFi network with a dedicated SSID, AP and an exclusive radio channel (if needed). Usually for only a few users for critical demonstrations, signage, point of sale systems or registration technologies. Also used for 2.4 Ghz priority requirements in exhibit halls.

Splash Page: A captive portal (web page) that users must pass through in order to access the WiFi service. This page can be customized with you event logo, sponsor logos, event photos or other graphics and your event information. It will also redirect users to a specific web page after user authentication. 
Note: A splash page can also be used to limit the number of users on your network.

Custom Wireless Internet Services are designed to broadcast dual-band (2.4 & 5 GHz) in meeting rooms and lobby areas. If 2.4 GHz is required inside the exhibit halls, it will be individually managed for priority locations only (Association booth, Lounge, signage, etc) with dedicated mobile AP’s placed directly in the area where service is required.

Telephone Services 2019

Analog telephone lines are available for voice and data service. Choose from a single-line handset or a Polycom conferencing station.Lines can be programmed with features such as toll restriction, line hunter/rollover, call waiting and Voicemail.

  • VoIP to analog technology

  • You must dial “9” to reach an outside line

  • Active 24-Hours a day after installation

  • A single-line telephone handset rental is included with all orders.

  • A Polycom conferencing station is available to rent.

Analog Telephone Line: Standard line used for telephone calls, faxing and credit card terminals. Our lines are VoIP converted to analog. They may not work on older credit card or fax machines. We do have a limited number of POTS lines available.

Polycom Conference Phone Set: Large speaker for conferencing with a group.

Programming: Additional features line call rollover, toll restriction and voice mail can be programmed onto an analog phone line.

Digital Telephone Line: Digital Telephone lines are available for voice calling only. Digital handsets have additional features such as digital display, redial, call forward and call logs. Limited availability. Call for details and pricing.

Cable Television Services 2019

Keep up with breaking news or make sure your attendees can watch that big game! Comcast Cable Television services can be ordered in any exhibit hall or meeting room. Local channels and most standard cable channels are available. Many channels available in HD. A Comcast cable box and remote will be issued to you when the service is installed. HDMI Cable and television set not included.

Engineering Services 2019

Water Fill / Empty: One time fill for a single container (hot tub, aquarium, fountain, etc) and a one time empty.

Cold Water Connection: Water connection with 3/4 inch standard hose bib with shut-off.

Drain Line: Gravity flow drain line. Semi-rigid PVC. Slip-fit with hose clamp connection. Location must be in close proximity to a floor box. Available in most exhibit halls.

Compressed Air Connection: 100 PSI. 3/8 inch quick universal disconnect and c/o valve.

Natural Gas Connection: 1/2 inch quick disconnect Regulator not included. Equipment must have 1/2 inch NPT male fitting to adapt to.

IMPORTANT! Engineering services are available in exhibit halls only. Some services are limited to select areas.

  • Halls A-E: Water connections and compressed air at columns. Natural gas on west wall only. Drain in floor boxes.

  • Halls 1-4: Water connections in floor boxes of Halls 1 and 4 only. Compressed air in floor boxes. No drain service or natural gas.

  • Halls 4 (expansion area, south end) and Hall 5: Water connection and compressed air are available at select columns. Natural gas is dropped from the ceiling on the south end. Drain in floor boxes.

Placing Your Order 2019

These tips will help contribute to a successful event and can save you money!

  1. Ordering early allows you to take advantage of advance rates. Standard rates will be applied to all on-site additions and changes.

  2. Let the Facility Services department help you plan your Internet order. Submit your requirements in writing as early as possible. This will allow for time for us to discuss the different services available and decide which would fit the best with your event needs and budget. Orders can be submitted to your SPCC event manager or directly to the Facility Services Manager at A quote will be drawn up for your approval and signature once the order has been received.

  3. Provide floor plans that show service locations for all orders. This will help us get your services installed earlier and accurately.

  4. Debating Wired or Wireless? Wired Internet is more reliable as it provides a physical connection to your device. But wireless will allow you the freedom to be mobile and move around the facility. Choosing between the two will depend on the devices you have and the nature of the connectivity required to run your program or service.

  5. Notification of cancellation of a service must be received in writing a minimum of ten days prior to event move-in. A 20% cancellation fee will be assessed on any service canceled fewer than 10 days prior to move-in. No credit will be given for a service once installed.

  6. A statement of charges will be submitted to your SPCC event manager at the close of the event. They will be included on your settlement invoice. If you prefer to pay for services in advance with a company check or major credit card, contact Facility Services to make arrangements.