The Downtown Ambassadors

The Downtown Ambassador program is a dynamic and valuable initiative aimed at creating a safer, more welcoming, and enjoyable environment for visitors, residents, and businesses in Salt Lake City's downtown area. As meetings and conferences come to our vibrant city, the program offers numerous benefits to enhance their attendees' overall experience.

The program, operated by the Downtown Alliance with support from Visit Salt Lake and Salt Lake City, extends its reach through a dedicated team of ambassadors who are well-trained and deeply committed to making the streets of Salt Lake City safer and friendlier. These ambassadors serve as approachable and knowledgeable resources, always ready to assist visitors and convention attendees with any questions, concerns, or navigational needs they may have.

The Downtown Ambassadors are easily identifiable in their distinctive yellow uniforms, making them readily accessible throughout the city. They:

  • give directions and recommendations for local dining and entertainment
  • offer safety tips and guidance on public transportation options
  • connect downtown businesses with resources provided by our partner organizations
  • provide a friendly, uniformed presence to promote safety and discourage criminal activity 

This dedicated team of ambassadors help ensuring attendees' have a smooth and pleasant experience in Salt Lake. The program's collaborative approach creates a comprehensive network of support, enabling the ambassadors to promptly address any safety or security issues.