Visit Salt Lake's award-winning Convention & Meeting Services team is waiting to help you plan, promote, and produce your best meeting ever. From excellent venues to award winning hotels, use the items in this section to find the businesses and services you need, download images or other promotional material, or contact us.  

Our Services

The following is an overview of the professional assistance offered by Visit Salt Lake's Convention & Meeting Services department.

  • Advanced Promotional Services. A full array of promotional material is available to promote Salt Lake as your next destination. These include: digital photography, maps, brochures, videos, displays, press releases, and Salt Lake-themed amenities. Several of these resources are available online in the Attendance Promotion Toolkit 
  • Meeting Professional Visits. When you want to come take a closer look to review your hotel and meeting arrangements and finalize the many details of your meeting, we will be here to help every step of the way. Count on us to assist with every aspect of your visit. Site inspections are our specialty!
  • Attendance Promotion. We will make an attendance promotion display booth available to help maximize attendance at your meeting in Salt Lake. Depending on the size of your group, Visit Salt Lake will personally staff the attendance promotion booth at the meeting one year prior to your group's arrival in Salt Lake.
  • News Media Service. Visit Salt Lake will furnish a list of the appropriate contacts for your complete publicity coverage in all local media. 
  • On-site Services. We feature a fully-staffed Visitor Information Center and Gift Shop where convention delegates can obtain information on dining, shopping, attractions, and current events.