All About Salt Lake

Salt Lake City stands out as an exceptional destination for meetings and conventions, offering a perfect blend of enticing attractions, friendly locals, and cost-effective options. As a vibrant world-class city nestled amidst the majestic Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City captivates attendees with quick access to outdoor recreation and diverse nightlife and entertainment options, all within a walkable downtown. 

Salt Lake

By the Numbers

Some quick facts about our vibrant city.

200+ restaurants downtown

Destination Appeal

Salt Lake captivates attendees from the moment they arrive. Its friendly and safe environment, coupled with an array of outdoor recreational activities, shopping, and entertainment options, ensure a memorable experience. The vibrant downtown, featuring 200+ restaurants, cafes, and bars, sets the stage for exploration and enjoyment. With events ranging from professional sports to cultural performances, there's always something happening in Salt Lake City to keep attendees engaged and entertained.

Just minutes from downtown

Outdoor Recreation

One of Salt Lake City's significant draws is its accessibility to breathtaking outdoor destinations. A short walk from the convention center, Memory Grove Park and City Creek Canyon offer scenic walking and biking trails. Adventure seekers can venture to other nearby canyons for golfing, mountain biking, hiking in wilderness areas, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, trail running, and tram rides that ascend to 11,000 feet. With 21 National Parks and Monuments and 13 world-class ski resorts within a day's drive, attendees can easily extend their stay for unforgettable pre- or post-event vacations.

4 seasons of

Moderate Weather

Salt Lake City's seasonal weather enhances its appeal. Summer welcomes attendees with dry warm days and comfortable evenings, ideal for exploring the city or enjoying outdoor concerts. The nearby mountain resorts offer cooler temperatures perfect for summer getaways. Winter temperatures in the city are pleasantly chilly, while the renowned mountain resorts boast the "Greatest Snow on Earth" for a skiing paradise. Spring and autumn, with their moderate temperatures and picturesque scenery, offer the perfect backdrop for memorable gatherings.

Month High Low   Month High Low   Month High Low   Month High Low
December 40° 27°   March 53° 37°   June 82° 60°   September 78° 57°
January 39° 25°   April 61° 43°   July 89° 67°   October 65° 46°
February 44° 30°   May 70° 51°   August 88° 66°   November 50° 35°
Salt Lake is very


When you host your meeting in Salt Lake, you and your attendees stretch their dollar. The public transportation Free Fare Zone makes getting around the downtown convention district easy, and a one-way ticket to the airport is just $2.50, while a taxi is about $25. You’ll find meals, drinks, and entertainment at a low cost that doesn’t sacrifice quality. While contracting hotel blocks of affordable rooms is fast, simple, and as reasonably priced as the meeting rooms.
Salt Lake has a reputation as one of the nation's most affordable destinations. The Corporate Business Travel Index consistently ranks Salt Lake as one of the nation's most affordable destinations. Compare Salt Lake's affordability to other cities on the Business Travel News 2021 Corporate Traveler Index. 

Business-friendly Environment

Salt Lake City's cost-effectiveness is supported by Utah's status as a business-friendly state. Forbes has consistently ranked Utah as the #1 Best State for business, largely due to its robust technology sector centered around Silicon Slopes in the Salt Lake City area. The region's business prowess attracts knowledge, resources, and capital, further bolstering the city's appeal as a top destination for conferences and conventions.

- Utah is a right to work state
- The Salt Palace Convention Center and Mountain America Expo Center hold no labor agreements with any union entities
- Taxi average from the airport to the convention district - $25
- Public Transportation "Free Fare zone" downtown
- Utah energy costs are 31% below the national average
- Overall business costs in Utah are 10% below the national average
- Reasonable Tax Rates 
  • Salt Lake County Combined Sales Tax 6.85% 
  • Restaurants 8.1-8.6%, 9.6% in Emigration Canyon Township
  • Total Tax Paid by a Hotel/Motel guest:
    - 12.17-15.82% across Salt Lake County
    - 15.82% in Salt Lake City