Salt Lake Convention District Map

The convention district in Salt Lake is downtown. You’ll find yourself at hotels and convention venues surrounded by restaurants, bars, shopping, and more. With a walkable, compact downtown district, Salt Lake is easy to navigate. Public transit, ride share and taxi services, bike lanes, wide sidewalks, and clear signage make it even easier to get around.

In the map below, get started exploring downtown at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Click around for a 360 view of the convention district and its buildings. Take a quick peek inside selected buildings, by clicking directly on it. This map is a great way to get a sense of the facilities available—and the scope and beauty of the city—before you plan your next meeting in Salt Lake. 

To the left, you’ll see highlighted venues, from convention centers to restaurants that provide you with a quick summary of what’s available in the immediate area. 

Also available is a PDF map of the convention district, showing proximity of the hotels and downtown attractions to the Salt Palace Convention Center.