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Top 8 Things To Do in Downtown Salt Lake

See a New Side of Salt Lake

Wednesday September 6, 2017

Downtown Salt Lake, like most cities’ downtowns, is a hub for business, arts, entertainment, dining, and nightlife. Young professionals are moving to this neighborhood in droves to be close to transit and occupy dozens of new apartment buildings and condos, a hip new restaurant or bar opens seemingly every day, Greenbikes cruise from shop to shop, and exciting events hit the city center night after night. But amid all the urban action, historic Temple Square remains the most visited attraction in the city, and views of the venerable Wasatch Mountains can be had from almost every street corner, giving downtown Salt Lake a unique feeling of rootedness and ruggedness. When it comes to planning out your day and night downtown, there’s a lot to choose from. Here are a few crowd favorites. Don't miss your chance to check some of the best food and drink in downtown Salt Lake.


Eccles Theater

Eccles TheaterBrand spanking new and quite a sight to see, this performing arts theater books everything from Broadway musicals to bluegrass bands to big name comedians.

Be sure to take in the star-speckled ceiling after finding your seat, and head to Fireside on Regent Street for artisanal pizza and drinks after the show.Salt Lake Mayor Jackie Biskupski Enjoying a Performance at Eccles



Vivint Smart Home Arena (Utah Jazz)

Vivint Smart Home ArenaHome of the beloved Utah Jazz NBA team, and stage to many a mega popstar. Catch a game or a concert if you can.


Temple Square

Temple Square

The grounds are beautifully landscaped, the towering LDS temple and surrounding architecture are stunning, and the multilingual tour guides are happy to fill you in on the unusual sights, sounds, and texts you’ll encounter in this utterly unique corner of the city. The Christus at Temple Square


City Library

City LibraryDesigned by renowned architect Moshe Safdie, the downtown library is a gorgeous place to read, relax, catch up on emails, browse books and zines, see an art exhibit, and admire sweeping views of the city.Beautiful Architecture of the Salt Lake Library


City Creek Shopping Center

The Fountains at City Creek CenterThis award-winning, state-of-the-art shopping mall has something for everyone, including waterfalls, a fish-stocked stream, and an enormous glass ceiling that opens and closes based on the weather.Bespoke Threads at Utah Woolen Mills


The Depot

The Depot Not too small, not too big, The Depot is a super fun place to see shows. The venue books a good variety of touring bands and musicians, and it’s almost always easy to get a drink and see the stage.

Note: If any of the following events are happening during your visit to downtown Salt Lake, definitely check them out: Twilight Concert Series, Craft Lake City, Utah Arts Festival, Gallery Stroll, Downtown Dine O’ Round, Utah Pride Parade, Utah Beer Festival.


Locals’ Secrets

The following are a few places we probably shouldn’t tell you about. Go there only if you’re a genuinely cool person who wants to chat with some Salt Lakers and take a step off the conventional visitors guide path.


Shooting Pool at JuniorsThis unassuming neighborhood bar is somehow situated right in the heart of downtown. Its curious group of regulars are loyal and close-knit, yet surprisingly diverse—they span a wide range of interests, ages, and backgrounds, from local news anchors to eccentric artists to grumpy old men to tech nerds. There’s always a good conversation to be had here.
Good Company at Juniors

Sears Parking Lot Taco Carts

Top-Shelf Taco CartsArguably the best $4 burrito in town. The setting is crap, but the food is top notch.

Brigham Young’s Family Cemetery

Brigham Young's GraveThe burial plot of the second president of the Mormon church, as well as several of his wives and children, is a site of spiritual reflection for some and curiosity for others, but regardless of what draws you to visit, it’s a serene and storied spot in a city that’s quickly growing and changing around it.