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The Salt Lake Scene

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  • Yelp's Best-Reviewed Dining in Salt Lake

    We can ramble on and on about Salt Lake’s diverse and delicious dining options, but sometimes you want to hear the crowd’s opinion. So we went to Yelp’s best-reviewed Salt Lake restaurants and found a thoughtful, detailed review for each place. We’ll offer our quick take, and then deliver you into

  • Salt Lake's Nightlife is Buzzing

    While you probably didn’t think Salt Lake has a pretty good nightlife scene, it does. In fact, bar hopping and dancing are some of the most popular things to do here. As the city lights up each night, Salt Lake’s many clubs and nightspots keep things interesting. Choose from intimate piano clubs,

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    Dining Paired with Fresh Mountain Air

    After a day on the trails or the slopes, revel over the day’s adventures with a cocktail or glass of wine, and a delicious meal to create the perfect pairing. Park City, Utah has deservedly earned its spot among the world’s favorite year-round travel destinations and has garnered international

  • Best Places to Get Coffee in Salt Lake

    There’s a hot coffee culture going on in Salt Lake. This high desert city has grown into the kind of town where locally grown beans are sold and baristas teach customers how to drink a cup of joe properly (without loads of cream and sugar). Current coffee pioneers seem to prefer small batch direct

  • Prost! A Long Tradition of Oktoberfest at Snowbird

    It all began with a royal wedding on a sunny October day in 1810. Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig welcomed the denizens of Munich to a festival commemorating his marriage to Princess Therese Charlotte Luise of Saxony-Hildburghausen. For five days, folks celebrated on the fields adjacent to the city

  • Make It, Bake It, Grow It: A Guide to the Downtown Farmers Market

    It's that time of year again: when Saturday mornings in downtown Salt Lake start with a cup of coffee and a freshly baked croissant and end with a bag (or a Radio Flyer) full of heirloom tomatoes, grass-fed beef, Asian herbs, fresh burrata, bean-to-bar chocolate… and maybe some citrus-scented

  • Red Iguana

    Ask anyone where you definitely need to eat in Salt Lake, and you'll get one response-Red Iguana. Red Iguana has been a Salt Lake institution, serving up traditional Oaxacan dishes and generations-old recipes to generations of Utahn's. Known best for their moles (a slow-cooked sauce with up to 23

  • Lake Effect

    Lake Effect is Not Your Average Bar

    Nick Chachas and Jeff Burbach founded Lake Effect in March 2017. The duo met while Nick was tending bar at a local watering hole and struck up a fast friendship. Bonding over many, many Old Fashioneds, they decided to partner up and build a bar that is unlike any other. A place where people can meet

  • Salt Lake's Cocktail Scene

    It wasn’t long ago that Salt Lake’s cocktail scene amounted to little more than cheap gin and tonics or quick rum and Cokes. (A couple of upscale cocktail spots were ahead of their time—see The Vault at Bambara and The Red Door.) Luckily for us, things have changed. Craft cocktail bars abound, from

  • Culture Guide to Salt Lake

    Salt Lake’s awe-inspiring nature may reign supreme, but there’s plenty of culture to go around, too. A quick weekend getaway can easily turn into a world of discovery in this home to some of the country’s leading festivals and innovative art galleries. From this summer’s Twilight Concert Series to

  • April is Salt Lake's Official Craft Beer Month

    April is Salt Lake's Official Craft Beer Month, and we're ready to celebrate. While some don't know, Salt Lake has a heady history in the hop arts. In the early 1900's, Salt Lake was one of the top beer producers in the West, and the tradition has continued. Thanks to some interesting liquor laws,

  • Jason Stock

    Most people are surprised to learn about Salt Lake's rich brewing and distilling culture. Fact is, Salt Lake was a booze capital of the early West. From Brigham Young's infamous Valley Tan to the breweries planted at each water-powered canyon in Northern Utah, you can understand why the first

  • Ty Burrell Demystifies Utah's Liquor Laws

    Beyond his love letter to Salt Lake, and bringing two of our favorite imbibing locations to the city, Ty Burrell is representing our city about as well as any person in town. If you aren't already a fan of Ty, or Sean Evan's Hot Ones channel on Youtube, its time to get acquainted. Watch the vid for

  • The Salt Lake Food Scene

    Sure, Salt Lake might have been known for casseroles, green jello, and caffeine-free soda historically, but boy have times changed. Salt Lake’s culinary scene is blossoming like a desert rose, and we have awards to prove it. From some of the best traditional Mexican food in the nation, to

  • Salt Lake - Stereotypes Be Damned

    Salt Lake is known for many things, but what you might not know is that our beautiful corner of the West is a burgeoning urban City with unparalleled beauty, gastronomy, and culture. Salt Lake will surprise you. The streets are buzzing with a new, vibrant energy, and there’s no better time to visit

  • Central City

    The aptly named Central City is right in the thick of things, nestled between Salt Lake’s downtown district and the University area up the hill. While it’s hard to be more centrally situated than this, very few streets in Central City actually feel busy. Yes, you’ll find fresh new residential

  • Salt Lake’s Vegetarian Super Heroes

    While Salt Lake is known to draw some of the world’s best skiers, climbers, cyclist, and all kinds of outdoor enthusiast, most are unaware that these athletes and artists are creating eclectic and incomparable subculture reflective of the outdoor adventurers who call Salt Lake home. You might be

  • Top 8 Things To Do in Downtown Salt Lake

    Downtown Salt Lake, like most cities’ downtowns, is a hub for business, arts, entertainment, dining, and nightlife. Young professionals are moving to this neighborhood in droves to be close to transit and occupy dozens of new apartment buildings and condos, a hip new restaurant or bar opens

  • Downtown Salt Lake's Best Dining and Drinking

    Downtown Salt Lake, like most cities’ downtowns, is a hub for business, arts, entertainment, dining, and nightlife. Young professionals are moving to this neighborhood in droves to be close to transit and occupy dozens of new apartment buildings and condos, a hip new restaurant or bar opens