Beyond snowy peaks and towering downtown buildings reside the women who make up The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. These charismatic women have brought gluttony, fashion, drama, gossip, vengeance, and copious amounts of wine to their reality show for several years, and its fourth season is no different. However, with new housewives joining the cast and even more tension to spare, this season can’t help but rival its counterpart franchises in Beverly Hills and New York City. With tall tales of mafia ties, backstabbing and threats of blackmail — it's a season you’ll never forget. We’ll make sure you won’t with this quick guide through Lisa, Heather, Whitney, Mary, Angie, Meredith, and Monica’s favorite spots around Salt Lake this season — and you can check them out for yourself.

Name Droppers Salt Lake City

Name Droppers Consignment 

In episode 2, Heather and Monica began their friendship while shopping at Name Droppers on Highland Drive, a consignment store that sells new and like-new clothing at a fraction of the original price. While scouring through the racks of clothing, the two discussed Heather’s qualms about Angie, who spread a rumor that Heather had sexual relations with former housewife Jen Shah, and Monica’s own issues with the church, from which she was ex-communicated for having sex with her brother-in-law. Essentially, the two are a match made in heaven. If you stop by Name Droppers, you'll feel as if you've entered a high-end designer boutique in NYC or LA — with much lower prices that rival both cities. 

Salt Lake International Airport

SLC International Airport

In episodes 3 and 13 of season 4, we find the women had stationed themselves at the Salt Lake City International Airport on their way to girls’ trips in Palm Springs and Bermuda. While searching their bags for sleeping pills—Monica brought her “xannies” whereas Meredith accidentally took two and fell asleep at the gate—behind them you can see the airport's vast selection of food and shopping options, thanks to the airport’s recent redesign and partial rebuild. From the familiar Starbucks to the European-inspired dining at Gourmandise Bakery, Salt Lake’s airport has many options to choose from. Although Monica and Meredith were satisfied with their “sleeping pills,” other visitors may prefer to indulge in a latté and croissant.

Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City

Want to delve into your dysfunctional family drama on the slopes amidst a snowy white landscape, à la Heather Gay? Look no further than the Woodward Park City ski resort. As evidenced by Heather’s chat with her daughters in episode 5, Woodward provides a romantic backdrop for discussing school bullying and more. From rentals, lessons, lodging, and memorable dining options, you’ll want to keep coming back. Maybe have a taste of their delicious hot chocolate—adding snow is optional. 

Urban Hill Salt Lake City

Urban Hill

In episode 9, Whitney and her husband Justin chose Urban Hill, a high-end restaurant situated in the heart of Salt Lake, for a nice dinner and a chat about their ongoing marital problems. Whitney ordered the Creekstone Farms Filet with a chopped salad and a Brady Cabernet, while Justin ordered the same entree but opted to pair it with whipped potatoes and “For the Love of Honey,” an original Urban Hill cocktail for tequila lovers. Even while discussing the reality that they hadn't had a proper date in a year, sex hadn't been on the table in a while, and their wedding rings were hidden away in drawers, the two were still able to share a delicious plate of Cape Cod mussels. 

The Wick Lab

The Wick Lab

What’s the best place to pour over gossip? A place where you’ll be pouring your own customized candle. The Wick Lab, with locations in both Draper and Provo, served both purposes for friends Lisa and Angie. While going through the fun and educational experience of smelling different scents (Lisa and Angie lamented over a bacon-scented candle), choosing a container, and curating their own candle, these women couldn't help but discuss their friend group’s woes. Lisa had issues with Meredith threatening every woman with blackmail and Angie was upset about being the target of said threat. Although they may not have fixed the problems in their friendships during this excursion, at least they got a customized candle.



Looking for the perfect spot to confront your mother? It might be nice to do so over a plate of Mexican food—or not. In episode 8, Monica decided to confront her mother Linda over dinner at Monarca, a modern Mexican restaurant near the City Creek Center shopping mall in downtown SLC. Monica ordered guacamole as an appetizer while Linda opted for the lobster enchiladas. Both are delicious menu items on their own, but they might’ve been better received if Linda wasn’t crying into her bag and Monica wasn’t rolling her eyes. It’s hard to tell if the food was ever eaten while they were busy yelling at each other over betrayal and disappointments, but it definitely looked appetizing sitting on their plates. 

Varley Salt Lake City


In episode 9, Whitney chose Varley, a nice cocktail bar situated in the heart of Salt Lake City, to be the host of her Prism jewelry brand event. With plenty of space for sound bath shows and displays of jewelry placed around the venue, it’s the perfect spot for any event or an after-dinner drink. Perhaps it would’ve been better without Lisa and Monica yelling at each other over the soothing meditations of the sound bath, but we’re sure the rest of the guests had fun. Stop by Varley on Saturdays if you’re looking for some nice DJ vibes or just go any day of the week to sample their classic and unique cocktails.

Ember Salt Lake City


In search of an event spot? Perhaps something for the release of your book about being a bad Mormon, where Lisa Barlow sang “Away in a Manger” to really drive the meaning home? Well, we found the spot for you. Or, rather, Heather found it. In episode 10, we entered Ember SLC, a spacious event venue that has its own beverage services and vendor recommendations to help throw your best book signing, party, gathering, or wedding. 

White Horse Bar

White Horse Spirits & Kitchen

Get ready to discuss your marital problems at your favorite bar and kitchen, White Horse. In episode 11, Whitney and Angie decided to confide in each other about their marital problems over an order of egg and chips, oysters, steak tartare, Pinot noir, and rosé. It’s the most quintessential housewife meal you could ever dream of. Stop by for your own taste of modern, American hearty foods that pair nicely with their selection of 30 ciders from around the world.

Edison House

Edison House Social Club

In episode 13, Meredith threw a party for her new jewelry line at the well-established Edison House Social Club, a membership-exclusive club that features amenities such as a rooftop bar, jazz parlor, fitness center and more. What ensued were fights between Lisa and Whitney (Lisa argued with Whitney while Whitney mourned her friend, Shari) and the extension of an olive branch between Lisa and Monica. So many sides to one social club! Go ahead and pay Edison House Social Club a visit to have your own exclusive fight. Or maybe hide out in their private karaoke room. 

If you’re looking to live like a real housewife for a day, it’s worth paying any or all of these places a visit. Whether you want to indulge in drama or simply indulge in great food, each spot holds a special place in the heart of the Housewives, and they just might become your favorite spots too.