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  • Salt Lake - Stereotypes Be Damned

    Salt Lake is known for many things, but what you might not know is that our beautiful corner of the West is a burgeoning urban City with unparalleled beauty, gastronomy, and culture. Salt Lake will surprise you. The streets are buzzing with a new, vibrant energy, and there’s no better time to visit

  • NY Post Lists Salt Lake as Second Most Hip City in America

    “Move over, Brooklyn and Oakland, Calif. — the most hipster-infested cities in America are actually in the middle of nowhere.” OK, so here in Salt Lake, we’re somewhat used to being considered to be ‘out in the middle of nowhere,’ but what we aren’t used to, is for a New York publication naming us

  • Salt Lake's Best Holiday Events

    ‘Tis the season, and while the temps are dropping, the lights, events, and holiday cheer is bubbling up in Salt Lake. Whether you’re looking for family fun or more elevated evening diversions, Salt Lake has something in store. As the urban gateway to Utah, and the Greatest Snow on Earth, Salt Lake

  • Central City

    The aptly named Central City is right in the thick of things, nestled between Salt Lake’s downtown district and the University area up the hill. While it’s hard to be more centrally situated than this, very few streets in Central City actually feel busy. Yes, you’ll find fresh new residential

  • Salt of Sound - Bad Brad Wheeler

    “Bad” Brad Wheeler—as he’s affectionately known in Salt Lake—is a Utah mainstay, and 6-feet and 5-inches of harmonica playing, mind-speaking, goodness. Formerly Salt Lake’s most iconic public radio DJ, Brad takes you on a tour of the City’s eclectic music scene. It might surprise you, but Salt Lake

  • Tracy Aviary

    Under the towering trees of centrally located Liberty Park you might hear the surprising sounds of hoots, shrieks, caws, and cries. There’s no reason to be alarmed, that’s simply the resident flock of birds that dwell within the Tracy Aviary. For almost 80 years, the aviary has delighted

  • The Natural History Museum of Utah

    Along the burnished foothills of the Salt Lake Valley, tucked alongside the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, lies a sinuous and arresting building clad in copper. Appearing to meld with the landscape, its russet walls mimic the hues and rugged terrain of the red buttes that tower above its rooftop. The

  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts Unveils New Remodel

    On a cold day in January of 2016, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, located on the University of Utah campus, shuttered its doors in preparation for a massive metamorphosis. Since its lauded opening in 2001, the gallery hadn’t undergone any major changes or updates in 17 years. Now, 19 months later,

  • Salt Lake’s Vegetarian Super Heroes

    While Salt Lake is known to draw some of the world’s best skiers, climbers, cyclist, and all kinds of outdoor enthusiast, most are unaware that these athletes and artists are creating eclectic and incomparable subculture reflective of the outdoor adventurers who call Salt Lake home. You might be

  • Top 8 Things To Do in Downtown Salt Lake

    Downtown Salt Lake, like most cities’ downtowns, is a hub for business, arts, entertainment, dining, and nightlife. Young professionals are moving to this neighborhood in droves to be close to transit and occupy dozens of new apartment buildings and condos, a hip new restaurant or bar opens

  • Downtown Salt Lake's Best Dining and Drinking

    Downtown Salt Lake, like most cities’ downtowns, is a hub for business, arts, entertainment, dining, and nightlife. Young professionals are moving to this neighborhood in droves to be close to transit and occupy dozens of new apartment buildings and condos, a hip new restaurant or bar opens

  • Salt Lake’s Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

    You don’t have to travel to the remote jungles of South America to experience the brilliance of flashing feathers and the cackles of exotic bird life. It may be surprising, but a fantastic array of creatures without fins or gills can be found at Salt Lake's Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. And of

  • The Boston Globe Lauds Salt Lake

    Most people who visit Salt Lake are often surprised at what is happening here in our cozy corner of the West. While the Mormon culture and outdoor and red rock beauty are well known, the burgeoning urban culture in Utah’s capital city is creating a real buzz. According to The Boston Globe, Salt

  • Red Butte Garden

    A vibrant oasis tucked into the foothills of the arid Salt Lake Valley awaits discovery. Red Butte Garden and Arboretum serves as a delightful escape from the hubbub of city life, offering residents engaging workshops, over 5 miles of hiking trails, an impressive concert lineup, day camps for kids,

  • Eat, Drink Salt Lake 2017

    Salt Lake hosts a number of enticing food events, but one of the newest, and one of Visit Salt Lake’s favorites, is Eat Drink SLC—in fact, we love this event so much we’re sponsoring it for the third year in a row. Eat Drink SLC brings some of the city’s finest restaurants, chefs, and food

  • USA Today Touts Salt Lake’s Local Flavors

    According to a recent article in USA Today, Salt Lake has gravitational culture. Salt Lake is well known as a gateway to National Parks, outdoor adventure and The Greatest Snow on Earth, but the burgeoning food, beer, distilling, and LGBT culture scenes are really starting to make a buzz on the

  • NBA Playoff Buzz Hits Salt Lake

    NBA Playoff buzz is getting loud in Salt Lake—you can even hear it all the way out in Oakland. In response to certain Warriors’ laments about the quality of Salt Lake’s nightlife, Scott Beck—Visit Salt Lake CEO—drafted a welcoming response, complete with a promise that our local bartenders and

  • Experience the Utah Olympic Park

    Consider taking a day off from all that skiing, hiking, or biking and find time to explore the 15 year legacy of the Utah Olympic Park. The UOP and its various venues are a sight that must not be skipped on any visit to the Beehive State. With its main facility located in Kimball Junction, just 30

  • The 6 Best Off-Slope Adventures in Salt Lake

    For the past few months, we’ve been featuring a series of articles from founder Miles Clark on our Ski City Blog. In addition to showing Miles the best of the Cottonwood resorts, we showed him everything Salt Lake has to offer. Miles discovered that Salt Lake is a true Ski