Flying into the Salt Lake International Airport gives you a rare bird’s eye view of Salt Lake, but we’re here to give you a unique view of our beautiful city. No US state capital can boast the same kinds of scenic views and backdrops that set the stage of Salt Lake. With the city sitting on the foothills of the iconic Wasatch mountains, and epic sunsets glowing off the Great Salt Lake, its hard to ignore the beauty of the Salt Lake Valley.

Beyond being a gateway to The Greatest Snow On Earth, home to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and being the basecamp for more than 6 national parks within driving distance, Salt Lake is a burgeoning urban city complete with top-shelf dining, best-of off-broadway plays and arts, and more. Whether you’re looking to bring your meeting or convention to Salt Lake, or you’re coming for a family ski vacation, our city will surprise you. Come with business or fun in mind, and you’ll leave with plans to return.

Soar over Salt Lake with us, and get a better feel for our gem here in the Rocky Mountains.

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