A particularly incredible time to visit Salt Lake is springtime. Many visitors come to ski The Greatest Snow on Earth® in the winter months, but don’t realize that our mountain snow pack lasts well into the spring months—April, May, and sometimes even June! The most intriguing part about this? You essentially get to enjoy two seasons in one trip. With the mountains so close to the city, you can ski in the morning, golf in the afternoon, and top it all off with a sunset mountain bike ride or hike. Visit Salt Lake’s Director of Media & Communications, Ryan Mack (along with his buddies), actually gave a name to this, coining it the "Wasatch Triathlon”. The ultimate idea of the Wasatch Triathlon is to pair three of your favorite sports into one action-packed day. According to Mack, "Creating your own 'Wasatch Triathlon' is a great way to experience the à la carte offerings of Salt Lake's outdoor activities during the spring months. Skiing, biking and golfing have always been my go-to but why limit yourself to just these three?! Whatever activities you end up choosing, they always pair well with one of Salt Lake's craft breweries at the end of the day."

Whether you’re sold on the idea of The Wasatch Tri or you want to take it down a notch, perhaps only opting for two sports, here are some suggested ideas to optimize your next spring vacation to Salt Lake, making it an adventurous 24 hours you’ll never forget.


For the Socialite—Ski & Golf (in one day)

Grab a drink with your buddies, ski down some perfect groomers, and end it with nine (or eighteen) holes, and possibly some more drinks. We dare you to plan a more fun day. 

To start, Salt Lake has four ski resorts just thirty minutes outside of the city, Alta, Brighton, Solitude, and Snowbird that you can choose from. Snowbird, due to private land, is able to stay open the latest in the spring season serving as a good late spring option. However, the three other resorts also stay open well into April and are all great options. Alta is at a higher elevation and usually has some good late spring snow (skiers only). Next, grab your clubs and head to the golf course. Old Mill Golf Course is a perfect option as it is located right at the mouth of both Little & Big Cottonwood Canyons (where all four resorts reside) and is also one of the newest courses in the Salt Lake area. 

Corner Canyon Mountain Biking

For the Adventurous—Participate in The Wasatch Triathlon (ski, golf, mountain bike—in one day)

If we didn’t convince you earlier to try this out, hopefully we can convince you now. The Wasatch Triathlon is on your own itinerary—essentially just pair any three sports into one day. Get started by checking out any of our four amazing ski resorts. You can even visit multiple resorts with our Salt Lake Super Pass. Then follow up with a round of golf at one of these beautiful nearby golf courses: Old Mill, Forest Dale, or Bonneville Golf Course. 

Old Mills Golf Course

Lastly, get back to the mountains with a hike or mountain bike ride. A great trail system to check out, that would typically have the snow melted come springtime, is Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Where else could you possibly make some sweet turns on a bluebird morning, hit the links after lunch, then finish up with biking on some of the lower trails or even on a bike path in town? 

Cross Country Skiing at Snowbird

For the Less Adrenaline Focused—Cross Country Ski & Hike (in one day)

You don’t have to be an extremist to participate in the accessibility of Salt Lake’s outdoor recreation. There are so many options to enjoy nature and the iconic mountain views of Salt Lake. That’s why we’ve proposed an action packed, yet mellow, alternative day itinerary of cross country skiing and hiking. First, start off at Solitude’s Nordic Track where you can explore twenty kilometers of pristine trails at the heart of one of Salt Lake’s spectacular ski resorts. Follow that up with a gorgeous sunset hike. We recommend The Living Room Hike, for some front row sandstone-slab-couch viewing of the valley. Or, if you want an even shorter hike, while not compromising on views, check out Ensign Peak.

Ultimately, you can mix and match any of these suggestions into one unforgettable day. To top it all off, spend your evening at an award-winning restaurant or bar in downtown Salt Lake. We weren’t lying when we said spring is a special time to visit. Start planning your eventful and adventurous vacation to Salt Lake today!