It’s no surprise we’re all in need of live music these days, and Salt Lake has exactly that with top-notch venues that are equally different from one another. Not only do these four venues offer local and international musicians, but they also have a variety of entertainment like comedy nights, drag shows, and dance parties! Three out of the four venues are represented by Sartain and Saunders (S&S), which has booked and presented live shows around the city since 2003. These four venues offer a distinctive look into Salt Lake’s nightlife and provide memorable entertainment to anyone visiting Salt Lake.

The Solid Spot That Is The Urban Lounge

241 S. 500 East -

The Urban Lounge is the ultimate spot for a weekend night. It’s an intimate yet casual, 21 and over venue that brings in touring artists from around the world and, of course, involves active musicians in Utah’s music scene. “Up close and personal” is their motto, showcasing a range of genres from rock to hip-hop, and a healthy dose of cover bands.

Another great feature is that Urban is located outside of downtown and is walking distance to a chain of rousing bars, breweries and fantastic restaurants. For the spring, summer, and fall seasons, they have an outside venue attached to their parking lot, so you can enjoy your tunes in an outdoor setting with a refreshing cocktail in your hand. “When both an indoor and outdoor show are happening at the same time, we typically run them as separate events,” says Nic Smith, S&S Director of Revenue. “However, there are some nights where patrons are able to check out both shows.” With its close-up stage and all-encompassing sound system, The Urban Lounge continually has solid bands who give you an excellent experience. There’s a reason it’s the spot for locals. Check out their website for tickets—they announce new shows every week!

SLC’s Own Kilby Court

741 S. Kilby Ct. -

Do you like a mix of wholesome and grungy? Then Kilby Court is the place for you. Established in 1999 and located just a few blocks from downtown, Kilby is Salt Lake City’s longest-running all-ages venue. Their DIY converted garage gives you an in-your-face feel with not only the performer, but the crowd as well. Smith describes it as “the same intimacy as having a show in one’s own backyard.” And that perfectly describes the ambience of Kilby: You get to enjoy your tunes in a secluded space, almost as if you’re back in high school jamming with your friends again.

Kilby Court is primarily known for introducing upcoming artists both locally and internationally. They thrive on their passion: giving talented locals a chance to present their music. “Local musicians are essential to Kilby Court’s existence,” Smith says. They’re honored to be that moment for talented musicians. Look them up on the web for more information and for forthcoming shows!

Party Hard at Metro Music Hall

615 W. 100 South -

A venue with the capacity of 600, Metro Music Hall is the destination for your entertainment, offering an assortment of events ranging from exclusive drag shows, spoken word poetry nights, holiday-themed dance parties and LGBTQ+ gatherings. They also carry a full-bar that includes some of Utah’s local favorites, such as Five Wives, Wasatch/Squatters beer, High West spirits, and many more. The energy is unfailingly like a celebration, either if you’re dancing the night away, or enjoying a more modest seated concert in their spacious place. “Metro Music Hall is a versatile venue that can cater to the energy of massive dance parties, as well as respectful seated events,” says Smith, who’s Metro’s Venue Director.

Without a doubt, it’s an exciting spot, given their diversity of shows and “elevated yet approachable” vibe. Just west of the Gateway Mall, Metro Music Hall will give you one hell of a time, whether it’s a known national band or an exclusive drag performance that you can only find there. You don’t want to miss out on this enticing venue and their lively shows. 

The Beehive Social Club: A Place for Everyone

666 S. State St. -

Minutes away from downtown and conveniently near TRAX (Salt Lake’s local light-rail transit), The Beehive Social Club is an all-ages venue that features an array of entertainment. Andrew Earley says, “The Beehive brings a DIY ethos and underground punk rock feel to the heart of downtown Salt Lake. It’s a venue built around the idea that our community and art scene is worth fighting for.” The Beehive represents diversity and a plethora of interests for all with music entertainment extending from EDM to “hick hop country rappers,” Earley says.

The Beehive also has performances such as comedy, burlesque shows (18+), magicians, contortionists, sideshow acts, movie nights, and zine fests—you think it, they have it! And it gets better: Mark of the Beastro, the Americana-style vegan restaurant, is located right toward the front of the venue, and their chicken and waffles are worth the visit. You even can bring their food into the venue for any of the performances. All in all, The Beehive is a place for everyone, and they hope to share this safe space and hope patrons feel the sense of community, creativity, and passion that makes Salt Lake an unforgettable city to visit.

There’s no denying that Salt Lake City has a plenitude of nightlife options. Whether you’re looking for a scheduled-out evening or a spontaneous night on the town, these four venues are definitely necessary to check out. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite band, or simply be captivated by each venue’s unique and notable atmosphere. Music, talent, and acceptance—that’s exactly what you can expect. Let the fun begin!