Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime Pride event. And by “once-in-a-lifetime” we actually mean once-in-a-freaking-lifetime because this probably won’t happen again, folx. 

The Utah Pride Center is hosting its annual Pride Week Celebration but they’re doing things a little differently this year in keeping with COVID precautions. This year’s celebration will include the Pride Story Garden, a massive outdoor art installation in Washington Square.

Put on your rainbow face mask and roam through 20 amazing gardens, each curated by local artists offering their unique interpretations of the theme “Our History, Our Stories, Our Communities.”

“This incredible event will probably never happen again, in this form and on this scale,” says Rob Moolman, Executive Director at the Utah Pride Center. 

Each of the 20 gardens will celebrate a different element of queer culture, ranging from “Utah Queer History” to “LGBTQ People of Color” to “Drag Queendom.” There will also be a “Transgender Garden,” a “Studio 54 Dance Party,” and more.

The special exhibit will run from June 3 to June 7 and will include interactive elements with limited physical contact, making it both safe and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

“It’s going to be unique, fun, educational, and offer an opportunity to come out of our houses, be together again, and do so safely,” Moolman promises. 

Sounds like exactly what we need after the last year!

To keep everyone healthy, a limited number of people will be allowed into the Pride Story Garden at a time. Date and time specific tickets are on sale now and must be purchased in advance. On-site tickets will not be available. Visit for more info.

Happy Pride!

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