Don't disappoint Mom this year - from the standard to the creative and unusual, here are some Salt Lake-based ideas on how to celebrate that special woman in your life.

The Sweets

We know it's cliché to buy mom a box of chocolates, but what if you put a little Salt Lake twist on this old standby? Surprise her with some pain au chocolat or macarons from local bakery Les Madeleines. Or how about some decadent Aztec spice hot chocolate and a unique chocolate shoe (you read that right) from Hatch Family Chocolates? Try some of the '40s-female-icon-themed cookies from Ruby Snap, like the Judy, Audrey, or Frida. Or head to Caputo's Market & Deli where the locally made chocolate, recognized world-wide, is over the top.

For Flower Lovers

Flowers from the big box store? Why not go a little further out there with some plant love for mom? Stop in to Especially For You, a florist who goes all out to make bouquets something memorable. Try something other than the standard cut flowers or potted plant at Cactus & Tropicals, like an orchid or a beautiful succulent. Or even better, take her out for a Sunday afternoon stroll through the botanical splendors at Red Butte Garden or Thanksgiving Point.

The Gifts

Want to try for something REALLY memorable? What about a gift from a local shop that says "I really thought about what you'd like." Mom's into art? Try Local Colors of Utah for any number of beautiful creations by Utah artists. Clothes and fashion accessories? Take a look at Hip & Humble in the 9th & 9th area. Is mom's favorite television the cooking channel and fancies herself a Gordon Ramsey or Julia Childs? Get her a little something from Sur La Table or a gift certificate for cooking classes at the Salt Lake Culinary Center. What if you just need to browse to find that right, unusual, unique present? Try Tabula Rasa - you won't go wrong.

Get Out There!

Your mom prefers doing to getting. You're in luck! There are so many things here to get mom out and about. Get her tickets to a show at the Eccles TheaterHale Centre Theatre, or one of the many other live theatre companies or performing arts, dance, and music venues in Salt Lake. Take her to one of the dozens of museums nearby, like the Natural History Museum of Utah, The Leonardo Museum of Creativity and Innovation, or dreamscapes. Get her a Connect Pass that gives her a chance to see a lot of the cool things in Salt Lake that maybe she hasn't seen yet. Or get out and just take her someplace beautiful on a spring day, like one of the many gorgeous city parks (Liberty Park or Memory Grove Park are top of the charts), or, if she's up to it, a hike in the nearby mountain trails. Make this celebration a memorable one!