Ski City's UTA Ski Bus

Ah yes. You’ve heard much of it: the skiing in this fair city is impossible to beat. But are you also up to speed on Salt Lake’s public ski transit system? While beleaguered skiers in other towns begin and end their days idling in hours of traffic, here in Salt Lake, you could also be sailing…

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See World-Class Art at the the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

See World-Class Art at the UMFA

Discover a world of art at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) at the University of Utah. Explore 5,000 years of human history and creativity through the region’s most dynamic collection of global art, from ancient objects to the latest contemporary works. What’s in it for you? A wake-up call for…

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Nightmare on 13th

Nightmare On 13th - Where Halloween Lives!

Starting out in 1990 as The Institute Of Terror Haunted House, Nightmare On 13th has since grown into “One of the industry’s most successful haunted attractions” (Haunted Attraction Magazine), “One of America’s scariest attractions” (The Travel Channel), and “One of America’s best haunted houses”…

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Utah's Vibrant Tech Scene

It might be time to rename Utah’s Silicon Slopes. The label almost suggests our tech scene is only a snow-capped version of Silicon Valley instead of a standalone hub that’s turning heads and changing minds about what’s possible in the Beehive State. First, consider the recent cash influx from…

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