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  • Top Urban Destinations for 2020

    By Terri Marshall, -- We recently announced our Top 28 destinations for 2020 zeroing in on unique destinations with intriguing sites and experiences. Our list breaks down into four categories, both domestic and international, with the complete list here. This week we’re sharing Urban Destinations. Each of these cities has something

  • 10 Most Relaxing Airports in the United States

    Missed connections and late-night cancellations can send stress levels through the roof. Recently, InsureMyTrip ranked the 10 U.S. airports that leave travelers the most relaxed, leading the way in fewest flight delays and cancellations. 10: Ontario, California (ONT) Southern California’s Ontario International Airport may be the fastest growing

  • The 9 Absolutely Best Things to do in Salt Lake City

    By Tina Paul, Retire Early and Travel -- Salt Lake City is a vibrant, tidy city sitting in the shadow of the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains. In addition, it is the capital of Utah, but for a capital city, it is not congested. There are so many things to do in Salt Lake City that it is a perfect destination for a weekend with friends, a girls

  • A guide to Salt Lake City’s burgeoning bar scene

    By James Charisma, Los Angeles Times -- Salt Lake City may not come to mind as a destination for high-quality beers and cocktails, but it should. The downtown, home to the headquarters of the Mormon Church, has become something of a gathering place, thanks to more than a dozen celebrated bars, brewpubs and speakeasies that have popped up alongside

  • 3 Reasons Foodies Are Flocking To Salt Lake

    By Elise Edwards, JustLuxe -- Despite its reputation for being “dry,” and under-served when it comes to quality cuisine, Utah is home to some of the top chefs and mixologists in the country. In fact, Salt Lake City is attracting more and more food and beverage experts who are determined to make the area a destination for vibrant dishes and hip

  • The Inaugural class of Utah U

    By Mona Day, Observer Newspaper -- When you think of Utah, what immediately comes to mind is its national parks and spectacular natural beauty; what does not come to mind is food and drink. Utah tourism sees that as a problem, one worth attacking head on. Towards that goal, Visit Utah and Visit Salt Lake recently took over Crafted Kitchen in the

  • 11 Incredible Weekend Getaways in Utah

    By Alyssa Ochs, Trips to Discover -- Weekend getaways in Utah introduce you to otherworldly landscapes, maximize your time in the great outdoors, and embody a sense of adventure. This Mountain West destination is a favorite playground for people all across the region and a wonderful place to disconnect from the stresses of life and soak up the

  • Sustainable Meetings: How 4 Cities Make It Easy to Go Green in 2019

    By Danielle LeBreck, Meetings Today -- Sustainable events is a trend that isn’t going away. As climate change increasingly dominates the headlines, event planners are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprints and make meetings and events more sustainable. Cities with big convention centers and meeting spaces are building and renovating