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Top 10 Most Affordable Summer Destinations in the US


By Patrick Clarke, — Your summer vacation doesn't have to break the bank. There are plenty of cities worth visiting where travelers can score a hotel room for under $150 per night.

A Summer of Urban Food & Drink in Salt Lake


June 28, 2018. Salt Lake City – Eat Drink SLC, now in its fourth year, celebrates Salt Lake’s culinary evolution, a summer food & drink festival where visitors and residents stroll and sample the best

Getting a Buzz On: Coffee Culture in Salt Lake


February 12, 2018. Salt Lake City – Salt Lake is buzzing with a dynamic coffee culture that’s been on an upward swing for the past few years. From nitro-poured cold-brewed coffee to siphon coffee

Grown-Up Getaway: Salt Lake City weekend


By Amy Whitley, Pitstop For Kids -- A Grown-Up Getaway in Salt Lake City? Absolutely! If you haven’t visited Utah’s capital city in a while, you’re in for a surprise. The culinary scene here has

Hot New Restaurants & Cool Bars in Salt Lake


Salt Lake City, January 22, 2018 — Salt Lake’s vibrant dining and nightlife scene got a lot more interesting in the past six months with five new openings. They range from casual boites with