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Parley's Canyon Overlook Trail

A steep, less-trafficked hike that makes for a great workout with an expansive view as a payoff at the end. The Parley's Canyon Overlook Trailhead is relatively new, and many of the branching trails that start here are also new. The overlook is a minor peak that takes in views of the Salt Lake Valley to the west and Parley's Canyon to the east and south, and it can be reached by multiple routes. There are two main ridgeline routes and a third that follows a ravine between the other two, and many smaller trails, tracks, and deer paths that head up and around the mountain. The tracked route shown here is not necessarily the best route as it takes a few of the lesser paths on the south side of the mountain that are difficult to follow and navigate - the best is to follow straight up one of the ridges. Short and steep, this is a good way to get the heart pumping. With a little more distance, can be combined with the Jack's Peak Trail for a 5 mile loop.
  • 2.9 mi
  • 1:45 h
  • 1191 ft
  • 1191 ft