Tami Steggell is a top-notch artist when it comes to cookies. Drawing inspiration from every taste, cuisine, and culture that she comes into contact with, she has parlayed that creativity into the incredibly successful (and delicious!) business, RubySnap Bakery. Cookie flavors are innovative - some traditional (-ish), some unusual, all incredible. For example, the Zoey is blueberry lemon chia, the Sachi is toasted sesame tahini, and the Frida - this author's favorite - is spicy chocolate with chile de árbol ganache and cinnamon-toasted pepitas. RubySnap began as a single Salt Lake location in 2008, and is now regionally known for it's excellence, with plans to expand their bake-at-home options to grocery stores around the country, as well as to develop more bakery locations.

Salt of the Earth: The People & Places of Salt Lake

Every cookie has a name and a story that goes with that name. Many are named for strong women who have in one way or another influenced Tami, some personal friends or family, some people who are historic or even fictional personages who have been a part of RubySnap's journey. It's a unique part of the experience to be able to order a Ricki, or an Audrey, or a Vivianna, or preferably, one of each. Check out some of the stories that go with RubySnap cookies on their blog.

The bakery has a 1940's vibe, and as Tami says in the video, RubySnap is meant to hearken to a World War II call name that is reminiscent of women air service pilots. Tami loves the idea of her creations hearkening to a time when strong, delicious, natural ingredients were the norm. Every product she has is meant to emulate that standard, and her focus is on consistent quality and deliciousness.

Tami's first career was as an architectural designer, where she spent 15 years - and that focus on design, and on exactness, and on all elements working together to create something amazing, permeates every aspect of RubySnap. From the look and feel of the storefront, employee uniforms, box design, and product presentation, to the way in which Tami refines the recipe of every single cookie to create the perfect combination of flavors, every element is made, arranged, and refined to create an incredible experience. 

The next time you're in downtown Salt Lake, be sure to stop by RubySnap, say hi to Tami and her friendly crew, and try some of the most amazing cookie creations ever created.

We're thrilled to have RubySnap as a part of the Salt Lake culinary landscape, and thankful to Tami for being the subject of this installment of Visit Salt Lake’s Salt of the Earth series.