It's true: Salt Lake's spring, summer, and fall nights are tough to top. And there's nothing like a delicious meal or cool beer enjoyed out in the fresh air. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent bars and restaurants around to accommodate. Some are in the heart of the city, some are tucked away in the neighborhoods, and a few are high in the surrounding mountains. We recommend a tasting tour of every single one.


Caffé Molise

Caffé Molise has long been home to one of Salt Lake’s best patio-dining experiences. The food is some of Salt Lake’s best Italian, so with the combination of perfect pasta, and patio-ambience pleasure, it’s a must for summer dining. It is located in the historic Eagle Building at 404 S West Temple (locals know it as The Bay building}—and those who know about the erstwhile Roman-esque pool patio area know that Caffé Molise got their hands on something special. The patio area has been completely renovated to match Molise’s trattoria vibe, and it’s an ideal spot for a date, special occasion, or business lunch.

Eva Restaurant

You can tell Eva's cuisine is delicious by simply making a passing glance over their menu. But pass through their interior space, and you'll find a hidden patio out back, nestled between the surrounding buildings. The space is as pristine as it is hip—a charming combo of sophisticated and quirky. So sip on a cocktail special in this little pocket of urban open-air, and don't you dare think of leaving without trying their spinach gnocchi.


You'll take a little journey to the suburb of Cottonwood Heights to visit Tuscany, a luxe staple near the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. The cuisine is among the city's more upscale options, traditional but well tuned over decades. However, their standout selling-point is really their romantic patio. There, you're transported to another continent, complete with elegant lights, ivy-covered stone walls, flowers, and romantic nooks where you can savor your meal.


A gorgeously colorful Asian menu draws crowds to Sapa every night of the week for fresh sushi, flavorful pho, perfect cocktails, and noodle dishes to die for. But in the summer, their patio truly steals the scene. The owners of Sapa navigated extensive logistics to import antique Vietnamese tea houses and reassemble them around the courtyard patio area. The intricate wooden structures bring a one-of-a-kind character to an unforgettable meal. With regulars like Queer Eye’s Tan France, you know this restaurant is on par with the utmost style.


Log Haven

Halfway up Millcreek Canyon just outside the city, Log Haven has long been regarded as one of Salt Lake's most romantic dining destinations. The rustic retreat was built in 1920 as an anniversary gift from a steel baron to his wife, and today it serves as one of the area's most beloved restaurants and wedding venues. Their open-air patio sits beside a picturesque waterfall. Enjoy the sounds of the water and the smells of the forest as you treat yourself to an exceptional meal.

Silver Fork Lodge

Big Cottonwood Canyon is home to more than some of the area's best skiing. It's also the setting of Silver Fork Lodge, which, 150 years ago, served as the general store and post-office site for the canyon's mining workers. It stands in its original site today, with an expanded dining room and patio. The view is tough to beat: it overlooks the majestic Silver Fork and Honeycomb canyons, with wildflowers in the meadows below. If you're dining in the evening, the staff will light up their outdoor heaters and distribute blankets to ward off the chilly mountain air.

Ruth's Diner

One of the oldest restaurants in Utah, Ruth's Diner, is the in-demand brunch spot for Salt Lakers. Their giant biscuits are served up piping-hot and fluffy with ample butter and homemade jam on the side. And that's before you even place your order. The restaurant's history and its one-of-a-kind founder warrant their own entire book, but suffice it to say, the place has had plenty of unique character as well as impeccable brunch. The shaded patio offers a great dose of Emigration Canyon's cool air, a delight on warm summer days.


Oasis Cafe

Oasis may embrace a casual atmosphere, but it has quite an elevated status among patio appreciators. The restaurant's menu accommodates vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diners as well as those who enjoy responsibly sourced meat and fish. A new-age bookstore sits adjacent to the restaurant, and in between, an open-air patio serves as a soothing hideaway for city dwellers. Overhead hanging baskets of flowers sweetly scent the air, while fountains attract the neighborhood's chatty birds.

Avenues Proper

Located in the hilly avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake, this brewery will have you nestled among Salt Lake locals and historic homes. At Avenues Proper, you’ll feel right at home as you patio dine amongst the charming avenues residences. What’s better than sipping beers on a patio and eating some delicious chicken and waffles at a favorite neighborhood brewery? The patio is the perfect spot to soak up the sun. In the spring, you’ll find its tables filled with mountain bikers and hikers recreating in the nearby foothill trails.

Hog Wallow

In the suburb of Cottonwood Heights near the mouth of the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, the old Hog Wallow Pub sits slyly entrenched amidst a neighborhood of upscale homes. The playful pub draws its fair share of skiers and outdoors-people as well as bikers. Their patio is one of the best in town: mature landscaping and pretty stonework adorn the terraced table area. You can sip a draft beer, help yourself to a famed nacho platter, and listen to the live music wafting out the bar's windows.

Ivy & Varley

Located in the heart of downtown right across the street from the Salt Palace Convention Center, this joint is one of Salt Lake’s staple patio spots. Not only is Ivy & Varley's fully brick patio cool, with its trendy woven hanging lights and outdoor dining furniture, it also sits amongst beautiful mature trees and vines growing up the neighboring city building. Oh, and did we mention there are also beautiful fountains and pools too? It’s also one of the largest outdoor patios in the downtown area and a local favorite for good reason. *Please note that this is a 21+ establishment, no kids allowed.