“Every vegan I've ever met who comes to Salt Lake is surprised by how many options there are, and are sometimes overwhelmed by having to choose,” says Trevor Hale, a Utah native who gave up meat 21 years ago. Back then, vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Salt Lake were few and far between but the plant-based community has always been comparable to cities like San Francisco and Portland in its passion for change.

Satisfy your vegan cravings with this house made Mexicali burger at Vertical Diner

From the late-great Park Ivy, which practiced, “the art of self-conscious nourishment,” to Ian Brandt’s long-running Vertical Diner, Salt Lake’s veg-friendly pioneers pushed against cultural stigmas to make non-meat menus a non-issue for everyone. They paved the way for a now-vibrant community that’s very welcoming to outsiders—even omnivores who are open to trying new things. Alex Jamison, who went vegan in 2006, opened Bud’s sandwich shop in 2012 to make veganism more familiar and approachable to those who might be skeptical of its so-called radical agenda.

Instead of serving “quinoa and kale dehydrated snack balls,” Bud’s offers familiar and hearty fare like buffalo “chicken” subs and philly “cheesesteaks” through a convenient walk-up window. 

It's hard to believe, but the taco salad at Buds is completely meat free

“For me it’s not the restaurant industry or cooking I’m passionate about it’s sharing the vegan message and spreading the movement,” Jamison says. “You can put a plate of food in front of someone and it changes their perception a little bit.” 

So, whether you’re currently committed to veganism, or just curious, Salt Lake is the place for you to forgo meat for at least one meal. No matter who you are, you’ll fit right in.

The Big O Doughnuts

100% vegan, gourmet doughnuts with Instagram-worthy flair. The menu features a frequent rotation of seasonal flavors, from cookie butter to cereal milk; mango chili to orange cardamom. 


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A sister to Bud’s, this sit-down restaurant is sleek, bright and lively—perfect for a casual date night or dinner with clients. With so many standouts on the menu, it’s a good place to order big and share. Split an order (or two) of jackfruit nachos with housemade chips, buffalo cauliflower, and street corn. Pair it with a spicy Mezcal margarita.

Seasons Plant Based Bistro

Fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Jamison and Hale each cite it as a go-to favorite for French and Italian-inspired gourmet comfort food, including creamy alfredo and lemon herb tofu piccata. Save room for house-made brioche donuts.


Breaded Portobello steak filet, garlic whipped mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, Bordelaise sauce!

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Vertical Diner

According to Jamison, this is the place to get pancakes, pancakes, and more pancakes. Of course, Vertical offers a wide selection of affordable diner fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including mac n’ cheese, chicken tenders, and biscuits and gravy.


100% plant-based menu featuring healthy takes on familiar lunchtime staples, including the philly cheesesteak, chicken pesto sub, and our cult-favorite, the barbacoa burrito (or salad), which subs tangy jackfruit for pulled pork.


Buffalo wrap goodness with a bunch of added veggies and cheese! Photo by @two.vegan.bitches 🌯

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Passion Flour Patisserie

Great for light meals and treats, this cafe and bakery specializes in French-style desserts, including a croissant that nails the texture of the classic, buttery pastry. You can also indulge in a wide variety of organic cookies, tartes, and cakes.

Veggie House

Craving orange chicken without the chicken? This casual Asian restaurant satisfies cravings for classic takeout as well as fresh, healthier stir-fries, curries, and noodle dishes, and even gluten free options.



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Vegan and gluten-free friendly options with an emphasis on real, organic, and (as much as possible) locally sourced ingredients. Creative cocktails made with fruit and veggies pair well with cuban tacos, carbonara pasta, and vegan sushi on the menu wed-sunday 6-9 p.m.


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