Creativity plays a major role in Salt Lake's thriving culture. From painters who specialize in traditional fine arts to local crafters who work with reclaimed materials, there’s an incredibly diverse range of talent to be found. Even if you don’t consider yourself an art buff, there’s an experience that’s sure to inspire (or at the very least, dazzle) you. In Salt Lake, you don’t just observe art, you experience it. Bring an open mind, embrace new points of view and find new ways to join in on the creativity!

Supporting local artists has never been easier—or more fun. Markets like Salt and Honey Makers Market are a popular way to dive into the arts scene. Salt and Honey is a collective retail experience that hosts goods from Utah creators. Handcrafted jewelry, fragrant candles, photographs, and even coffee from Salt Lake roasters, are just a few examples of goods available to buy. Fall brings new seasonal offerings like rich caramels, handmade party decorations and gifts perfect for this special time of year. Salt & Honey has three locations, all of which offer different assortments of arts and crafts for purchase. One of the great things about markets like Salt & Honey is that no two visits will ever be the same. New items and art pieces that can only be found in Salt Lake are constantly arriving in the store. And if you ever want to join in on the fun, apply as a vendor at their site online!

While makers markets are great for all ages, Salt Lake museums offer another interactive experience for the whole family. The Urban Arts Gallery is a non-profit art venue of the Utah Arts Alliance that hosts contemporary pieces from local artists. From street art to fine modern art, there is plenty to discover. Exhibits like “The 13th Annual Skate Deck Challenge,” which begins at the end of September, prove just how creative Salt Lake artists can be. All artwork must be made with a blank skate deck, but from then on, the sky’s the limit! Prepare for feats of incredible imagination, and also, prepare to participate, since the public gets to vote for their favorite decks. Five winners are crowned and rewarded with praises and prizes. Who knew skate decks would make such great canvases? The Urban Arts Gallery is the perfect place to soak up the absolute ingenuity of local visionaries.

Salt Lake's art scene continues to evolve, but one thing will never change: everyone is welcome. Artists are welcome to join in. Visitors are invited to experience the creations and support the creative movement. Luckily, it's easy to get access to Salt Lake’s most iconic creative destinations, including family-friendly venues, with the Salt Lake Connect Attractions Pass. Discover the art scene, meet the artists and bring a unique creation home with you.