Jake Buntjer, AKA Mr. Pauper, defies description as a creative person. A born and bred Utahn, he has worn many artistic hats - photographer, art director, set designer, found object artist. He's worked on movie, video, and theatrical sets. He was one of the artists who assisted in creating the Utah Arts Alliance's Dreamscapes. A little over six years ago, he started Boxcar Studio in Provo that aimed to be more than just a studio - rather, a community for people in all types of creative pursuits. It was also a place for people to experience live music, performance art, vaudevillian theater, and one of the most inventive, mind-blowing artistic spaces, courtesy of Jake's desire to "dabble in world creation." Boxcar Studios in Provo closed, and last year, was reborn as Boxcar X in downtown Salt Lake. In this edition of Salt of the Earth - the People and Places of Salt Lake, we explore a little of this world Mr. Pauper has created.

Salt of the Earth: The People & Places of Salt Lake

Mysterious, moody, other-worldly - Jake's space in Boxcar X is an experience rather than a simple art viewing. Exploring the nooks and crannies of the wild space can fill up hours, and every turn finds a new detail. Jake spends days collecting and creating each place you can visit, and his attention to detail is incredible. 

The new community Jake has invited at Boxcar X is eclectic and talented. Fish W.W. Burton is, in Jake's words, a "master poet." Joseph Amundsen's Flea Bones Film Lab is a photographer and also runs an old-school full film processing lab. Taylor Millet runs Sailor Taylor Tattoo. There are painters and illustrators, a textile artist, a holistic wellness guide, and a psychic and spiritual guide.  

There are events, parties, and performances at Boxcar X as well, but haven't been as regular for a few months due to COVID. The best way to keep up with what's going on is to keep an eye on the Boxcar X Instagram or the events page on the Boxcar X website.

Boxcar X is an amazing addition to the Salt Lake arts scene, and we're grateful to Jake for being the main event in this edition of Visit Salt Lake’s Salt of the Earth series.