When working out in a new town, an encouraging, welcoming gym environment invites you to feel more confident and push yourself—after all, there’s nothing more discouraging than an exercise class full of judgmental strangers. Salt Lake, known for its hardcore outdoor recreation scene, may appear to be a place where such spots are hard to come by for visitors. In reality, plenty of gyms and studios welcome both locals and out-of-towners into the communities they foster, where they can enjoy the benefits of camaraderie and cardio all at once, if only for a class or two. Wherever you choose to work out, be sure to show up 15 minutes early to your session to get your bearings and get the most out of your experience!

Strike Balance at Centered City Yoga

Open since 1999, Centered City Yoga stands as a venerable pillar of the Salt Lake yoga landscape. The studio’s staff pride themselves in their traditional, authentic approach to yoga that traces its roots back for thousands of years. “Yoga is the stilling of the chatter in the mind,” says Owner and Lead Teacher Rachael Cieslewicz. “This allows us to develop an exquisite relationship with ourselves and all we meet in this wild and transformative life! Fantastic byproducts are physical fitness, flexibility, harmony, balance and lifelong friendships cultivated in our loving spaces.” Centered City offers a wide range of options, from relaxing sound baths to challenging Ashtanga classes, and everything in between. Centered City’s classes meet just about anyone’s needs, all while maintaining a central tenet of practicing yoga in a way that not only strengthens the body, but enriches the inner self.

Centered City provides a truly local space to practice yoga for those visiting S.L.C. During your stay, you can visit either of Centered City’s two locations. The original studio is a fixture of the vibrant 9th and 9th shopping district, where you can grab a bite to eat at any of the local restaurants after your workout. The newer studio in the Ballpark neighborhood at 824 South 400 West specializes in hot yoga. Centered City also offers virtual classes. Newcomers can purchase the Traveling Yogi pass ($49), with unlimited daily yoga sessions for one week, or they can drop in on any class ($20). And if you don’t have a mat, don’t worry—the studio rents them for $4. To book a class, visit centeredcityyoga.com/classes and choose the best option for you. 

Find your Rhythm with Mcycle

If you’re looking for a high-intensity, rhythmic indoor cycling class, Mcycle, across the street from Pioneer Park, might be exactly what you’re looking for. A dedicated staff of friendly and dynamic instructors guide students through Mcycle’s signature High-Intensity Indoor Cycling classes. Music of all genres power these 45-minute sessions, getting your heart racing to the beat and boosting mindfulness in the process. For those looking for a more slow-paced experience, the off-bike MVMT classes offer stretching and a more restorative, low-impact workout.

Mcycle’s motto, “where cardio meets culture,” hints at what visitors can expect from their classes. When founders Megan and Richmond Tyrrell started Mcycle, they not only saw a demand for quality indoor cycling studios in SLC, but also for a constructive space where people could build friendships, encourage each other and break a sweat together. “Great and loyal communities do not happen by accident,” says Megan. “Many things at Mcycle were created and constructed solely to support a positive and inclusive experience for each person who visits. Come see for yourself!” 

You can purchase a class package on their website mcyclestudios.com. Mcycle’s New Rider Special ($25) offers a week’s worth of unlimited classes for new riders, and returning visitors can buy a Single Class ($20), Five Class Series ($95) or Ten Class Series ($180). You can also schedule your visit through third-party apps, including ClassPass, FreePlay and PeerFit.

Jab it out with Rebel House 

​​Rebel House, located at 320 W 200 S, paved the way for boutique exercise classes in Salt Lake when it opened in 2017. Founders Nina and Devin Pearson saw a niche, and today they offer some of the most engaging and accessible classes in the city. Their signature 45-minute RIOT boxing class pairs high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with a killer playlist. Make contact with the bag, synchronized to the beat of the playlist and start bridging the gap between mind and body. 

“From the moment you walk into the room you will feel the energy and hype for what is about to happen,” says Nina. “Most clients say the 45 minutes go by so fast because of the energy and fast paced nature of the class. These classes can be intense, but we always encourage you to take it at your own pace.” For those interested in cardio, Rebel House’s RUN and RIDE classes offer aerobic and cycling exercise experiences respectively with the same amped soundtracks to keep your heart racing.

Building an inclusive environment encourages people to be the best version of themselves in the gym, push their limits and build on their confidence and ability. A qualified and dedicated staff makes the difference when creating inclusive workout spaces, and the Rebel House staff love what they do and take their role very seriously. You’re in good hands, even if you’ve never tried HIIT classes or boxing before. Visitors can purchase single drop-in classes ($20), or get a traveling pass, which includes a week’s worth of classes ($89). Go to their website rebel-house.com to book your visit.

Reach New Heights with Momentum

Thanks to Utah’s unique geology and outdoors culture, many locals consider Salt Lake City a rock climber’s paradise. However, you don’t have to trek into the Wasatch or travel all the way to Moab to find a good route. Momentum Indoor Climbing’s three Northern Utah locations—Sandy, Lehi, and Millcreek—each boast expansive walls, providing all the routes a climber could dream of, regardless of skill level. For example, the Millcreek location’s 40,000 square feet of climbing walls include a soaring artificial arch, crack climbing, and bouldering terrain, meaning it offers just about anything a climber could want. When visiting, climbers can trade stories and routes with fellow climbers, enjoying the community aspect at the heart of the sport.

If you’re not a hardened mountaineer or simply want to improve your skills, Momentum offers beginner belaying training and a wide variety of technical classes to step up your game. However, Momentum is more than just a conventional rock wall. Visitors can take advantage of stationary bikes, treadmills, and other workout equipment at each location, and Momentum even offers yoga and other classes.  Most suitable for someone passing through town is an adult day pass ($20), any additional equipment is available to rent. To learn more about available classes and schedule your visit, check out momentumclimbing.com.

Work Out Like a Local

Few environments encourage cooperation and friendship better than workout spaces, and you don’t have to sacrifice those good vibes when traveling. These four studios provide a unique experience where you can exercise like a local and get to know Salt Lake in a more personal way. Sure, people come here for the great outdoors, but they stick around because of the incredible communities that make the city so amazing in the first place. Whether you’re looking for an intense cardio workout or a contemplative mind-body bridging session, you can find it here, along with a supportive network that can push you to be your best.