Familiar voice on the radio, blues musician who’s played with Willy and Joe McQueen, and Salt Lake mainstay, Brad Wheeler is another Salt of the Earth character.

Salt of the Earth: The People & Places of Salt Lake

Brad is easy to spot—at 6ft 7in and bearded like Brigham with a hat that often tops it all off, “Bad” Brad Wheeler stands as a singular character in our city. Beyond being a leading voice of independent radio, Brad is also extremely involved in local festivals, charities, and other cultural outlets. Whether it's Pie and Beer Day at the Beer Bar (Brad founded the burgeoning event), a small concert at Kilby Court, or an afternoon wrangling tracks on 99.9FM, Brad stays busy in the Salt Lake scene, and we love him for it.

Brad Wheeler at Pie and Beer DayBrad has a long list of great stories—from getting into a fight with Hunter S Thompson in the 90’s, to overcoming a crazy car accident where he almost lost his leg, to his many blues performances with big names, he has plenty to talk about.

If you haven’t checked out 99.9 KUAA, then you need to check it out. Also, if you haven’t checked out Pie and Beer Day, be sure to put it on your calendar, because it’s a wicked good time.