Blake's Food Truck
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Dine-in, Delivered or To Go!

COVID-19 restrictions have changed to allow dine-in at Salt Lake County restaurants but many are still providing delivery or curb-side pickup. As you search our restaurant listings, you can find out which options your preferred restaurant is offering on their detail page. Just click "View full page for more info" at the bottom of the quick view.

Mobile Food Trucks

If you're at an outdoor concert, a festival, summertime Food Truck Thursdays at the Gallivan Center, or a bar with a patio, you're likely to see some of Salt Lake's tasty food trucks on the scene. These mobile eateries supply everything from Asian fusion to BBQ to cupcakes. Track one down, you won't be disappointed.

Similar to its counterpart big cities, Salt Lake's food-truck scene is revving up big time. From waffles to pizza, from sweet treats to coffee, these mobile food purveyors are redefining and revolutionizing on-the-go eats.

Salt Lake's Granary Row, a pop-up market and festival space located in the Granary District, hosts food trucks every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in the summer and fall from 6 - 11 p.m. A number of Salt Lake's food trucks set up shop to offer dinner and entertainment.