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Salt Lake City now has a bike sharing program for locals and visitors that provides you with an alternate, green, transportation option to get around town. 

What is bike sharing?
A Bike Share program is a network of many Bike Share stations, where members can take ANY bike, from ANY station, as many times as they like for a small membership fee. A 24-hour Access Pass, 4-day or Annual Membership lets you take UNLIMITED 30min trips at no extra charge!

How does it work?
GREENbike relies on hardware and software to keep track of bikes and the interactions between users and bikes. All rides are tracked by the system and associated with members, which means you can get access to information like distance, duration, calories burned, and carbon offset on a personal web page at greenbikeslc.org

What does it cost?
Access passes for GREENbike are available for as little as $5 for a 24-hour access pass. You can purchase those passes at the GREENbike stations. If you prefer to take care of your access pass online, you can get a 4-day passes online for just $1.

Where are the bike stations?
There are currently 20 bike stations around the downtown Salt Lake City area. You can view them online at greenbikeslc.org  Plus, there is a free mobile app that shows how many bikes and docks are available at every station in real time.

To get started or find out more about bike sharing in Salt Lake City, visit their website at: greenbikeslc.org