Business With Purpose

As we move our efforts forward together, we are eager to share ongoing updates and initiatives from the Business With Purpose working group. Leadership from the State of Utah, the Division of Outdoor Recreation, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, and brands and retailers from Outdoor Retailer have come together to build relationships and seek opportunities centered on land management strategies to elevate the environmental stewardship focus on public lands and projects impacting outdoor recreation, conservation, air and water quality, and improving overall community health and quality of life, in Utah. Business With Purpose initiatives in 2023 will include volunteer projects this summer and a familiarization tour in the fall. 

Business With Purpose Working Group Update

Business with a Purpose panel discussion during Snow Show 2023The Business With Purpose working group has been meeting regularly through 2023 to fine tune planning and execution for the coming years’ activities. The working group has made great progress on its three pillars: creating a collaborative site visit which took place October 11-13, 2023, identifying e-stewardship projects around the Outdoor Retailer Summer event in June 2023 and vetting nonprofits to support for related projects. Join us at Outdoor Retailer on November 14, 2023, as we recap the group’s efforts and donate funds to local nonprofits at The Camp Stage - 11:30 a.m.

Familiarization Tour

The familiarization tour component of the BWP facilitated conversations by providing a platform for open dialogue, idea exchange, and meaningful interactions among participants. This year, these conversations centered around public lands use, recreation planning, shared management, climate impacts, cultural preservation and more. While focused on Utah, the goal was to share information and strategies that can help shape engagement and policies in communities and on public lands around the country, and positively impact the future of outdoor recreation.

The BWP Familiarization tour brought together diverse groups with different backgrounds, mindsets, and perspectives, while maintaining an intimate size to allow for active engagement among all participants. The group was comprised of leaders from national and local outdoor brands and retailers, media, regional public land managers, and Utah state and local officials.

Volunteers clear out invasive weeds at the Leave it Loved event.Voluntourism Update

During the June 2023 Outdoor Retailer Summer Show, The Business With Purpose working group teamed up with Utah Open Lands and Salt Lake County for a trash takedown and weed whack at the Wheadon Farm Park in Draper, Utah. In addition to trash collection, solarization techniques were demonstrated to help eliminate invasive species such as cheat grass.

BWP will continue to conduct voluntourism events on a yearly basis with local outdoor companies. Events will focus on regional projects impacting outdoor recreation, conservation access, air and water quality.


The working group has vetted and identified nonprofits to support now and in future years. Funds from multiple sources will go directly to selected nonprofits. The group is partnering with specific charity partners in order to better support local outdoor initiatives and stewardship of land. A check presentation will be made at Outdoor Retailer Winter in November 2023 by local leadership, Outdoor Retailer and Visit Salt Lake officials. 

Role of the Working Group  

The group’s role is to effectively represent and promote the interests of the BWP and, thereby, all stakeholders. Having regard to its role, the members support the development and execution of the group’s purpose. 

The BWP will focus its efforts in three ways:  

  1. Collaborative project site visits and engagement.  
  2. Outdoor Retailer participant volunteer stewardship programs. 
  3. Nonprofit giving to support related projects.  

Check back for updates on Business With Purpose as the group continues to meet and develop project plans.